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Rn85r hilux putting a 4y in place of the 2y


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Hi all im just after some info on the 2y vs the 4y motors are they compatable for a bolt in swap. Are the bellhousing bolt patterns the same? Are the engine mounts the same aswell as the whole clutch setup. I ask because im looking to upgrade the standard 2y for a 4y that is in my rn85r. I have looked into all the other conversions around and im just not intrested in spending that much extra effort. Even if i had to get a sutible 5 speed gearbox to upgrade the 4 speed in the old girl. And yes i have tried using the search function but thats not much help. Cheers fellas.

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Hi looking at other forums there’s someone who wants to change their 4Y engine with G52 gearbox (G54 - upgraded version) from a Toyota 4Runner to a W56 gearbox. If he has the 4Y with the same G52/54 gearbox as the 2Y then surely the engines are interchangeable. 

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Yeah my cousin is running a 4y / 5 speed in his Ol Stout tray back, on gas, tows a small van all up and down the east coast, dropped straight in, BUT my Little workmate with its injected 2 Litre-1RZe, still has more KW and Torque, actually between the 3y and 4y theres only a bee,s d*ck in power gain, put up a link for you to browse, Cheers Conrod

Toyota Y engine - Wikipedia

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