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  1. Best headlights for 2004 Hilux?

    Cant go past above, forget all the flash e-bay LED bling, ,you want the SEMI SEALED, that way you can replace the Bulb if it happens to blow and if you get a stone chip it will still work,
  2. Best battery ?????

    SuperCheap Auto has 20% off all Century deep cycle batteries in their latest sale
  3. Hilux Un-BRAKE-able

    GO and GET an independent Brake specialist to take it for a drive and if its as bad as you say it is get them to put it in writing, or if they are feeling generous might even contact the service dept on your behalf and explain their finding. ( Doubt it though ) Seems extremely weird that Toyota don't want anything to do with it , especially if its the selling dealer, Brand New $50,000 plus vehicle, Is there anything else you need to disclose as to the use of the vehicle, before, during, and after the lead up to the brake failure
  4. 97-05 hilux clock in dash

    Hi mate I too was going down the same path to put one in my 2001 Work Mate. The plug for the clock is in place ready to plug in. Seeing how you already have the clock in place,you will see the plug sitting in a clip in slot directly BELOW where the clock will live, Push the tab down on the plug and it will release then simply pop it into the clock,how much did you pay if you don't mind me asking, I was quoted $150 from the wreckers ( if they had one),so I made do with the original one in the radio,
  5. Hilux De-Sludge

    Give this article a read mate, contact them as they might have a distributor down your way, My way of thinking is if you are going to solve an issue do it right once Cheers Conrod
  6. Vibration/shudder

    Have you got underneath and checked out the centre bearing in the tail shaft, could be flogged out, You don't really mention if the smell of a slipping clutch is still present, that could of just been a coincidence with the passing truck
  7. Hilux spotlight connection in wiring loom

    Positive earth, if that's how he thinks steer well clear of his advise! They are NEGATIVE EARTH, open the bloody bonnet, look at which terminal earths to the body, then ring him up and tell him he is a Fool. And as for running separate wiring because the OEM wiring is too small your only using it to trigger the bloody relay, then the necessary power will be supplied from the relay to the lights by a decent size wire capable of your requirements
  8. Hilux spotlight connection in wiring loom

    Hi Brickpaver, nice to meet you too mate,I hard wired mine so as soon as I flash or hit high beam they come on.I did it this way as I didnt want to drill holes for a switch and also run additional wires simply to have a switch.I figured the more I keep it original the better.I put an inline 30amp blade fuse(waterproof ) in the power supply wire from the (battery to terminal 30 on the relay )and also a 10 amp inline fuse in the wire from the RED wire on the back of the headlight plug to terminal 86 on the relay.(this wire triggers the relay so if you are running a switch run it from the red wire on the back of the headlight plug to the switch and back to terminal 86 on the relay,and as you can see the relay earths out through RED/Yellow wire on back of headlight plug when lights are on high beam, hope this helps you out mate, cheers CONRO PS Narva make a neat switch with a foglight symbol which illuminates and it fits perfectly into the hilux accessorie blanked off holes- Part#-63027BL,Let us know how you go Edited June 19, 2011 by CONROD
  9. Particle Filter Burn

    In regards to what????? The DPF but more specific info would greatly gather the replies you are after, Cheers
  10. O2 Sensors

    Have you physically removed them and checked them out, The threads are not smothered in grease ? A hard to remove oxygen sensor may come out easier with rust penetrating oil, WD 40 and the like. Tests show that many penetrants not only loosen oxygen sensors, but also poison them. Oxygen sensors are sensitive to "poisoning" if liquid of any type (that leaves a residue) penetrates the inner platinized surface of the zirconia cell (the heart of the zirconia type assembly).
  11. 2014 Aurion Strut Brace

    Unless you are fanging around a track, its not gunna do jack squat, Syndicates is giving you an honest first hand opinion
  12. Rim size

    That's the word I was lookin for, Thanks Champ
  13. Rim size

    Any thing with a 5x 114.3 PCD Ford stud pattern. Falcon, Territory, Nissan X-Trail, I was running rims off a Kluger on mine 16 x 7 and they exceeded the Load rating required, If you do put rims from a Falcon on even though they are the correct stud pattern beware of the larger centre hole on the ford compared to the hilux, you will need eccentric rings ( readily avail ) to take up the difference otherwise all the weight of your ute will be on the studs not on the hub
  14. turbo charging 12R 1600 motor

    Mate you do realise these things ONLY run a 3 bearing crank, save the heartache drop a 3y or 4y straight in, they will most likely exceed the final turbo figure of the 12r any way naturally aspirated.