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  1. You have an Old School external Regulator and inside that regulator box is points, ( open it and have a sqiz ) They are either burnt, pitted, or in need of a nice clean up using 240 grit or similar emery paper, then adjust the gaps, or go to the wreckers and find a new one, ( off similar year Toyota Corona etc, Just make sure the connecting plug is the same , Many moons ago I replaced one off a similar year with a sealed electronic unit never had any dramas since
  2. Hi Kent, How do you know for certain they are false, When was the timing belt last replaced? because if that lets go Big $$$$$$ 15.5 volts will cook a battery, causing it to boil dry so to speak,, needs to be 14.3 volts to effectively charge. As you stated you go bush ( Cape York ), Why risk being stranded for the sake of a bloody new battery, and at least a reco alternator. As for chinese products , You've had a pretty good run so far stating you picked it up 3 years ago, real good run in fact
  3. 360,000km from the original, Look up this site
  4. O2 sensors would cause the issues your experiencing
  5. This might be what you want mate
  6. The best and really ONLY person who can answer all your enquiries is those who performed the upgrade. The vehicle should have a Compliance plate stating the increased GVM upgrade and who installed / signed off on the fitment. Not sure of the load you have onboard in the tray but That shot on the beach shows it sitting bloody nice with next to no drop in the rear
  7. With your headlights on, do they dim excessively when you turn the key to try and start it,indicating a dead short in the starting circuit, a cable hasn't melted some where down underneath somewhere or the smaller wire leading to the starter solenoid has come off/ broken. Climb under and check the inhibitor switch wiring plug for loosness
  8. Have you tried starting it in Neutral. Next step have your hand brake firmly on and whilst holding the key in the start position move the auto selector down through reverse, drive etc and see if it kicks.
  9. Yeah that's all good mate, as you will be using the original in conjunction with a pre filter set up, you will only be removing the INLET Hose off the OEM filter, Hose at the top with Green/ Blue trace marking that then goes to the INLET on the pre filter,( so the fuel goes to pre filter first) then the OUTLET HOSE on the pre filter goes back to the INLET on the OEM.( where you just removed the hose from ) All other hoses stay as is , Cheers mate One tip; Be CLEAN, NEAT and don't take short cuts with sealing matters
  10. DPFs are the norm now for diesels to meets euro 5 emissions, both light and heavy vehicles, some use DPF, some use Adblue. If you potter around the suburbs all day long, do a lot of short trips with the engine barely getting up to operating temp, expect trouble. They NEED to be able to do a REGEN, BURN OFF, What ever make the vehicle is do your research as to what is required for that particular vehicle to perform the above
  11. That's exactly what I thought , changed many Ford and Holden over the years and never have I dealt with uni,s so tight in the flange, Told him I will remove and separate the two shafts and mark them so they go back together in the same spot, he said no worries but it will be the same price.
  12. Yeah, called into local mechanic this morning $110 p/h to remove & replace $200 Was thinking of applying small amount of heat
  13. Hi all, purchased 3 new Hardie Spicer uni,s ( RUJ 2016 )for my little Hilux workmate 2001 RZN147r , anyway removed the rear tailshaft, removed the circlips on the rear uni and do you think I could get the old uni to budge out of the rear flange, any tips would be much appreciated as I am thinking of taking the shaft and new uni,s to someone with a press to change them out for me. The ones in it now have no grease nipples so I,m thinking maybe they might be the originals. If someone has changed out theirs I"d love to hear how you went about it and if you experienced the same , Cheers CONROD
  14. Pretty sure the wiring is sitting just behind where the rheostat switch fits into the cutout and taped up, what you will find is the brightness is at the upper level if your car does not come equipped with the adjustment switch, the plug will be terminated with a plug and a bridge wire
  15. Yeah mate that bar makes the front end look like a Big wart hanging off then end of your nose, Definitely suited to a 4x4 I put a set of Toyota Kluger 16x7 alloys on my SR Dual Cab with 235x60R 16 (100 Load rating) tyres, only paid $100 ea for the rims brand new ,boxed up with nuts, etc from Toyota spares dept (exceed rear axle Load rating )when I bought the ute brand new. All legal exceeded Load rating requirements, rode well, No hanging out of the guards, and all original Toyota, also brought the speedo back to specs as per GPS