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  1. Have you swapped out the headlight relay to see if that fixes the problem ?
  2. Take it to a reputable Diesel Workshop, not a bloody mechanic, a couple hundred dollars could of saved you thousands if it turns out to be a sensor gone
  3. Check the limiters or steering stops for damage, Might be missing the plastic/nylon caps and apply a small amount of grease to the heads for a bit of lube
  4. As is my air cond set up, I too was under the assumption all compressors are direct mount fixed brackets and the belt is held snug via an idler pulley. That bracket looks like my alternator bracket on my little workmate


    No problem mate, hope you sort it out, Give it time and hopefully someone will read your post and offer a solution if they've experienced the same as you, sorry I,m unable to help Cheers CONROD


    Please don’t take my question as derogatory, seeing how it come from Toyota if anyone would know If there was more power to be had, surely the top mechanic, as you state would, or if attention to the engine is needed, cheers 🤙
  7. Could be a number of reasons, LENGTH, UNIVERSAL SIZE, I will check out the propshaft section in the work shop manual and see what it says


    Who informed you of this ? Text book mechanic on Face book or someone with a bit of credibility !


    mate this is for a Toyota Tundra probably the same. If you already have new ones, have a squiz and see what clips is there on them
  10. Didn't think 1985 models had a check engine light,
  11. I put a 30amp inline blade fuse(waterproof ) in the power supply wire from the (battery to terminal 30 on the relay )and also a 10 amp inline fuse in the wire from the RED wire on the back of the headlight plug to terminal 86 on the relay.(this wire triggers the relay so if you are running a switch run it from the red wire on the back of the headlight plug to the switch and back to terminal 86 on the relay,and as you can see the relay earths out through RED/Yellow wire on back of headlight plug when lights are on high beam, hope this helps you out mate, cheers CONROD Terminal 30--------Battery pos Terminal 86-------RED WIRE on back of Headlight-- via dash switch if you wish to turn off ( Protect with inline fuse as close to headlight as possible) Terminal 85------RED/YELLOW wire on back of headlight Terminal 87-----Driving Lights/Light bar Feed Wire If you put the lead of your test light on the POSITIVE terminal of your battery and probe the RED/YELLOW wire with your lights on low beam you will notice that it wont light up as it is live (able to confirm this by putting the lead of your test light on the negative terminal of your battery,then when you flick it to HIGH beam the RED/YELLOW wires become earth/negative. Test light will illuminate when lead of test light is put on Positive terminal and wires back probed Here you go mate, Follow above as this is details you were supplied with Many Moons ago, all due care given BUT NO responsibility accepted if it goes pear shape as I,m not the one doing the work. AS I said I recently hooked up my little workmate 2001 as it shares the same positive switching, Cheers mate have a good day, Conrod Use the search Function mate, you made reference back then, also another member ( SPUTNIK ) hooked his up and provided details also in relation to wiring
  12. No,No don't give up mate I not long ago hooked up a LED Light Bar to my 2001 work mate using the same wiring diagram I posted years ago, If you cant track down the post with diagram I will have a squiz and let you know, once you see it and understand the principle of how positive becomes earth on high beam its really simple, Cheers mate
  13. Hi mate, you still trying to sort this issue out, you were on here 2 years ago back in 2017 regarding same issue
  14. CONROD


    If its a 2010 model it wont have a cable its electric