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  1. Sounds like the camshaft timing is out, like the timing is retarded, its out by a tooth or two
  2. This might help you out bud, shows you before and after power/ torque figures, Cheers Conrod
  3. Pretty sure a seat out of a SR or SR5 has what you desire
  4. 1 Month old car, take someone with you and Find another dealer and get them to go for a run with you and REPLICATE the problem, Don't wait in the waiting room while the techos go for a run around the block as their answer will be ( No fault at time of test drive ) Go with them When you first start off in morning, you normally feel and sometimes hear the ABS doing a self check ( which is a small vibration) felt through the steering and brake pedal but that is only momentarily

    2007 v6 4.0

    When was the last time you shouted it a new set of plugs ? NGK Spark Plugs LFR6C-11 Whilst changing them out disconnect the battery, letting the ecu to reset, See if it clears the codes afterwards
  6. Done exactly that recently to my little 2001 workmate, picked up the original Bucket seat setup out of an 04 Hilux, drivers and 3/4 passenger seat, out with the old and in with the new, on mine the holes for the new seats are already there just blanked off with bitumen type tape, just a tip, make sure the inner seat belts buckles come with the seats, I got the Lot for $80 from the wreckers, all in bloody good condition just requiring a good clean, which the wife helped do when we got them home prior to installing, that way you can let them dry out in the sun rather than sweating in the ute and I managed to sell the original reupholstered bench seat for $150 no questions asked The difference is bloody amazing to sit in rather than on, and your back will thank you too, If you only want 2 buckets and a consul you will be looking more to a dual cab for what you require Cheers Conrod
  7. Have you climbed underneath and actually looked for broken/ damaged Tie rod ends /Pitman arm
  8. Mate this is from Toyota dealer in Sydney from their e bay site . Take note of the year it fits, so maybe the later year models are different 100% NEW GENUINE TOYOTA ACCESSORY ALLOY TRAY SIDE & TAILGATE KIT SUITS SINGLE CAB CHASSIS HILUX FROM FEB 2005 - SEPT 2011 GENERAL PURPOSE GENUINE ALLOY TRAY LENGTH 2550mm
  9. Might be worth giving a reputable tray mob a buzz eg: Tip Top, Obriens
  10. Clean it up and enjoy it the way it is, unless you have a donor vehicle with everything you need ( and I mean everything ) to do a successful diesel swap it will cost you $$$.
  11. You have an Old School external Regulator and inside that regulator box is points, ( open it and have a sqiz ) They are either burnt, pitted, or in need of a nice clean up using 240 grit or similar emery paper, then adjust the gaps, or go to the wreckers and find a new one, ( off similar year Toyota Corona etc, Just make sure the connecting plug is the same , Many moons ago I replaced one off a similar year with a sealed electronic unit never had any dramas since
  12. Hi Kent, How do you know for certain they are false, When was the timing belt last replaced? because if that lets go Big $$$$$$ 15.5 volts will cook a battery, causing it to boil dry so to speak,, needs to be 14.3 volts to effectively charge. As you stated you go bush ( Cape York ), Why risk being stranded for the sake of a bloody new battery, and at least a reco alternator. As for chinese products , You've had a pretty good run so far stating you picked it up 3 years ago, real good run in fact
  13. 360,000km from the original, Look up this site
  14. O2 sensors would cause the issues your experiencing
  15. This might be what you want mate