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  1. Hilux Alloys

    Hi all got me a little 2001 2wd work mate tray back, Got a chance to put a set of 16x6.5" Lancer alloys, Ive checked they run the same 5 x 114.3 pcd, hub hole is the same 67.1 mm, but the offset on the alloys are +40 pos, can anyone who has put alloys on from a Camry or Lancer have any issues or did they fit on with no dramas, cheers
  2. How to check the pressure of the spare wheel

    Drop into a Toyota dealer , take them 2 minutes to show you what to do, even a tyre dealer, they would do that stuff all the time , Cheers Conrod
  3. Questions about 2002 Hilux Workmate

    If you have air bags mate you should have 2 air bag sensors ( yellow ) under the bonnet sitting pretty close to the radiator support panel, to activate the bags. I too have the symbols on my instrument cluster and the wiring is under the hood, but taped off and terminated OEM
  4. 1995 Rim Colour

    Love your work mate, looks like they just left the showroom floor
  5. Hilux won’t rev

    Its obviously not running the way it should, How in gods name is revving the sh*t out of it gunna make it run right. It sounds like the timing is way out,
  6. How to check the pressure of the spare wheel

    Pretty sure you open the rear door and then you will see a little flap you open up, then use a 12mm socket or appropriate spanner in the tool kit, remove the bolt, then use the key to release security type lock nut , best of luck,
  7. 90s - 2004 hilux workmate - what to buy

    What about this one mate on Car Sales in SA. only thing is its not a dual cab, good kays on it
  8. 90s - 2004 hilux workmate - what to buy

    I managed to pick up a 2001RZN147r, 2wd work mate, soley as a run a bout, to and from work duties, as I just purchased a brand new dual cab and didn't want to run the kays up on it. Any way fate had it, spotted my little work mate for sale on the side of the road coming home one day, by the look of the condition it was in, straight as, clean, and most important Original, I thought this things probably going to be up there, turned out it had all the original books, unused tools behind the seat,service history, Interior all intact with no wear, new brakes, front wheel bearings, tyres, plugs, etc, etc, . Its got the 1rze 2 litre Fuel Injected engine, electronic ignition, 5 speed, optional A/C., Beaut Alloy tray with Tonneau I had a Hilux Grinner years ago with the 2Y 1.8 lt engine and kicked myself for ever getting rid of it. All I can say is look around, good original unmolested ones are still around, I guess I was in the right place, right time, then again there is a lot of sh*t also for sale In short I love it, It hums along on the freeways, sits easily on 110kph, produces maximum torque at 2800rpm, so it pulls well without ringing its neck( for the size of the little donk ) and has a timing chain, so no worries of a belt letting go, had 280,000 km on it. The ol mate who owned it, was having to hand in his license because of macular disease, The only thing I had to do was get the a/c serviced $250 from memory regas, new receiver dryer, cant believe how cold it gets. Cant honestly say I have seen many dual cab work mates around, that's not to say they aren't out there, any way best of luck bud, you will come across one when you least expect it as I did, Cheers CONROD
  9. 2013 d4d Engine Swap into a 2007

    What was stopping you from using the OEM loom that was already in place
  10. 2013 d4d Engine Swap into a 2007

    Sounds like something relating to the Immobilizer not linking to the ECU
  11. Door seal rattle

    Give the seals a good going over with armor all or some other protectant, and also give all the areas where the seals are likely seat against a good polish and wax, always worked a treat
  12. Power Steering Fluid Leak

    If you have a bearing mob around, go and tell them what you need
  13. 1995 Rim Colour

    GMH Commodore,s from VT=VZ series Quick Silver , Done in 2pak looks bloody fantastic and being a 2 pak lasts the distance , only draw back need a booth to apply
  14. Dash wiring loom

    When I installed a 12v accessory socket in mine, I used an original socket complete with wiring and tapped into the cigarette lighter loom to supply the power, that way power is cut when ignition is off, easy as to do and made it so it all look OEM. Yours being a 2013 might have the necessary plug already in place, Cheers CONROD
  15. 2014 7th Gen daytime running lights

    Check out what TJM, ARB, IRONMAN has on offer when it comes to after market DRL,s