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  1. No,No don't give up mate I not long ago hooked up a LED Light Bar to my 2001 work mate using the same wiring diagram I posted years ago, If you cant track down the post with diagram I will have a squiz and let you know, once you see it and understand the principle of how positive becomes earth on high beam its really simple, Cheers mate
  2. Hi mate, you still trying to sort this issue out, you were on here 2 years ago back in 2017 regarding same issue


    If its a 2010 model it wont have a cable its electric
  4. Yeah bud as HIRO said the 106.1 is 4x4 related
  5. Have a read
  6. Id say its similar to killing off algae in a swimming pool, need to give it the initial shock treatment the maintain the cleanliness, By the way Supercheap have 20-60% off store wide tomorrow Saturday 20/7/19
  7. This is the one I grabbed mate when on special
  8. Like everything mate they quote THEIR product is the ants pants, honestly I wasn't after any more grunt, used it mainly to keep fuel clean being a Common Rail, Big Big $$$$ if you happen to pick up sh*t / water in the fuel, that's why I fitted a Pre filter to compliment the original, Got a good size bottle of Fuel Doctor when it was on special @ Super Cheap and only requires something like 25ml to a tank cheers Conrod
  9. Ive been throwing in a 50ml bottle of this in my new Triton on a regular basis Get it at Supercheap for a good price when on special, they also have it in 50ml bottles $5 to pop in a tank of diesel
  10. Cant understand why people buy a car based on what other people say looks better, isn't it what you want, as your the one paying for it
  11. Do what I did put a nice slim line Light bar on,
  12. Have you Double checked ALL the fuses Especially those inside behind the Lower Cowl, pull each one and check mainly int acc, dome lamp anything that related to inside
  13. You can spin it out either direction, as its not physically attached to the speedo needle, but on reinsertion, you can also turn it either way, the majority you will be feeding it in by hand anyway as you need to apply the lube, ( Lube and turn, Lube and turn ) but when you are almost fully home turning it Anti-clockwise will allow your speedo to register speed, slow speed on your drill is all that's required, once its home having it on high speed will allow you to check if its smooth, Another tip, with your bonnet open feed the speedo cable end that you removed back up through the engine bay, removing it off its retaining clips so the whole cable assembly is up where you can stand up and perform the removal and re-assembly of the inner, save rooting around underneath and allows you to hold it more or less in a straight line ( If you ever have the opportunity to get a speedo pulled apart, they have a small cylindrical drum which spins around whats looks to be a magnet and the faster the drum spins it draws the needle to register speed ) As I,m not the one doing the job mate,no responsibility taken as Im only advising you of the way I went about it
  14. This might help you out mate, I was having similar noise in my little 2001 workmate, and what I did was unscrew the speedo cable as you already have done, then put my cordless drill on the end of the INNER cable. Spinning the cable SLOWLY using the cordless, I then slowly drew the cable out, which came out very easy, once out I cleaned it, I then REINSERTED it using VASALINE smeared over the inner in a manner so it lubed it without clagging the sh+t out of it, That was 12 mths ago and its been smooth and quiet ever since You will know when the inner is fully home when the speedo starts to register ( if you have the drill turning the right direction ) and the gearbox end will sit where it did before you started. Its dead set easy to do and if the cable only lacks lube, saves hours rooting around pulling dash apart to unclip it off the back of instrument cluster, if it comes out and its knackered you know for certain youre up for another speedo cable, Hope I didn't bore you ranting on, Cheers CONROD
  15. Dead set easy to rule out the speedo cable, just unscrew/ disconnect it off the g/box and tie it up out of the way and go for a spin around the block