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    Fitting a pre fuel filter

    Yeah that's all good mate, as you will be using the original in conjunction with a pre filter set up, you will only be removing the INLET Hose off the OEM filter, Hose at the top with Green/ Blue trace marking that then goes to the INLET on the pre filter,( so the fuel goes to pre filter first) then the OUTLET HOSE on the pre filter goes back to the INLET on the OEM.( where you just removed the hose from ) All other hoses stay as is , Cheers mate One tip; Be CLEAN, NEAT and don't take short cuts with sealing matters

    DPF’s & Hilux

    DPFs are the norm now for diesels to meets euro 5 emissions, both light and heavy vehicles, some use DPF, some use Adblue. If you potter around the suburbs all day long, do a lot of short trips with the engine barely getting up to operating temp, expect trouble. They NEED to be able to do a REGEN, BURN OFF, What ever make the vehicle is do your research as to what is required for that particular vehicle to perform the above


    That's exactly what I thought , changed many Ford and Holden over the years and never have I dealt with uni,s so tight in the flange, Told him I will remove and separate the two shafts and mark them so they go back together in the same spot, he said no worries but it will be the same price.


    Yeah, called into local mechanic this morning $110 p/h to remove & replace $200 Was thinking of applying small amount of heat


    Hi all, purchased 3 new Hardie Spicer uni,s ( RUJ 2016 )for my little Hilux workmate 2001 RZN147r , anyway removed the rear tailshaft, removed the circlips on the rear uni and do you think I could get the old uni to budge out of the rear flange, any tips would be much appreciated as I am thinking of taking the shaft and new uni,s to someone with a press to change them out for me. The ones in it now have no grease nipples so I,m thinking maybe they might be the originals. If someone has changed out theirs I"d love to hear how you went about it and if you experienced the same , Cheers CONROD

    2011 Hilux dash lights

    Pretty sure the wiring is sitting just behind where the rheostat switch fits into the cutout and taped up, what you will find is the brightness is at the upper level if your car does not come equipped with the adjustment switch, the plug will be terminated with a plug and a bridge wire

    Different wheels and a bullbar on a 2011 Hilux

    Yeah mate that bar makes the front end look like a Big wart hanging off then end of your nose, Definitely suited to a 4x4 I put a set of Toyota Kluger 16x7 alloys on my SR Dual Cab with 235x60R 16 (100 Load rating) tyres, only paid $100 ea for the rims brand new ,boxed up with nuts, etc from Toyota spares dept (exceed rear axle Load rating )when I bought the ute brand new. All legal exceeded Load rating requirements, rode well, No hanging out of the guards, and all original Toyota, also brought the speedo back to specs as per GPS

    Different wheels and a bullbar on a 2011 Hilux

    This looks neat on a 2wd, but as others have said you will lose more than you gain by sticking oversize wheels on just to make the bull bar look more in proportion

    Water in tail lights - 2014 Kluger

    I would be going to Toyota and show them also mention that a recall was given out to Aurion owners as we had a recall on our 2010 ZR6 to have the gaskets replaced on the tail lights for the exact problem you are experiencing
  10. CONROD

    New Ebay 22R Carb tuning

    1-Warm it up so the choke plate is Fully open, physically check its fully open by slight pressure, touch the plate to see if it is, 2-Using screw #2 adjust the idle speed if needed to bring it to specs, then 3=Check the Timing First up, then 4-Using #1 adjust the mixture by winding the screw out a few turns THEN, wind the screw in nice and slow so you can hear the engine change pace, what you are aiming for is to have the engine ticking over at a nice smooth consistent rpm, (don't be alarmed if you think you have the mixture screw almost all the way in ) The moment you feel and hear the idle speed drop off, STOP, winding it in, and back it off a 1/8-1/4 of a turn, 5=Re adjust the idle speed #2 again if its ticking over too fast to bring it back to specs, then adjust mixture again only if needed #3 has to be adjusted with the engine cold as that sets the cold idle speed in conjunction with the choke plate if linkage is worn, binding, freeit up so it moves freely #4 If no A/C leave as is That Green electrical fitting and the one next to it is actually a VSV ( vacuum switching valve ) it operates at a predetermined value to complete a vacuum circuit
  11. CONROD

    New Ebay 22R Carb tuning

    Remove the mixture screw and give the orifice and good blow out, sounds like its got sh*t in the float bowl and some of that is blocking the idle jet, If you cant do that remove the mixture screw and start it up, give it a couple of full throttle jabs, be quick, you don't have to rev the ring out of the donk, if there was any rubbish in there it would get drawn through, reinstall mixture screw, Don't screw it all the way in so it bottoms out you will damage the seat,from memory that hose linking the electrical fitting allows the throttle plate to fully close upon shutdown, been years now since I worked on a carby.
  12. Take it back to a another Toyota dealership, but NOT the one you have been going back too, Just tell them you have bad hesitation on accelerating away from a stand still and they will reflash the CVT ECU, the more you rant and rave the more you will confuse the sh*t out of them, Keep it simple and to the point Continuously Variable Transaxle (CVT) Software Update Background: Toyota previously announced Special Service Campaign J0D, which involved performing a software update to the CVT control software to address the condition described below. Following the completion of the software update in Special Service Campaign J0D, Toyota dealers received reports from some customers stating that the vehicle experienced harsh shifting and/or abnormal engine RPM between shifts. These issues occurred close to the completion date of the campaign and/or within relatively low mileage from the completion of the campaign remedy, prompting Toyota to suspend Special Service Campaign J0D. Toyota has now identified the cause of these issues and has developed a new remedy. Special Service Campaign JSD, which replaces Special Service Campaign J0D, applies this new remedy. Owners of all vehicles previously involved in Special Service Campaign J0D, including those who have previously completed Special Service Campaign J0D, are requested to visit an authorized Toyota dealer to have Special Service Campaign JSD performed. Condition: An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) in the subject vehicles has improper programming that could lead a component inthe Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) to unnecessarily cycle and experience abnormal wear. If this component becomes damaged, the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) may illuminate in the instrument cluster and the vehicle could experience a reduction of speed. After reaching a pre-determined gear ratio, the vehicle can be operated up to approximately 37 mph. Remedy: Any authorized Toyota dealer will inspect the CVT control software and, if necessary, perform an update for that software at NO CHARGE. After inspecting the software and, if necessary, performing the software update, the CVT solenoid valve controlling the gear ratio in the CVT will be inspected* and, if necessary, the CVT valve body assembly will be replaced at NO CHARGE. A portion of the CVT solenoid valve inspection process requires the dealer technician to test drive the vehicle for a certain distance and at certain speeds.
  13. CONROD

    Vacuum Hose bonnet Sticker

    any good to you, cheers CONROD
  14. CONROD

    Rugged X Hilux idling high

    As its brand new, wouldn't a trip to Toyota be the wise move to make, rather than have everyone second guess what it could be , such as : you haven't got the A/C on ?
  15. CONROD

    2007 clutch

    Check out (Bretts Truck Parts) on the Central Coast