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Difference between Hilux Surf and 4runner


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From what I understand Hilux Surfs are imports and they are stand alone when it comes to interchanging parts with the 4 runners and other hilux,s of the same vintage, to put your mind at ease best bet is ring Toyota spares dept and ask them

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Geez this Thread was last active almost 6 years ago, The 4 Runner from 85-95 actually come out with a 2.8L (3L Diesel), mate at work has one

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the American market got the 4Runner in petrol only.(my fellow colleague's from work who are American an love the tracks new right away what a 4Runner looks like, but never heard of a diesel one)

New Zealand market got the 4Runner in 2.8D(engine named 3L) i’m sure they would have came out petrol in New Zealand aswell, but yet to have seen one. The 3L is a legendary motor, ”never late in a 2.8”. Yet it is under powered on hills it is extremely cheap to run an is good on road an off road, an with a turbo added changes the game.

4runner in New Zealand was a New Zealand new, made for New Zealand.

While my understand with surfs is they weren’t New Zealand new.(possibly some but ones with Japanese writing is not)

correct me if I’m wrong but that has been the information garages have told me and old farmers that get a smile on they face to see them ticking along like they did back in the day.

once again never late in a 2.8 🙂




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On 6/16/2022 at 8:37 PM, Surfmandan said:

Long story cut short Surf is turbo diesel and 4 runner are by petrol(4Runner is also diesel, an surfs also have the non turbo choice)

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Not exactly right, but who is
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