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kluger all wheel drive system


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G'day all,

About 2 months ago I bought a March 2007 Kluger Grande. Last of the first Gen. Klugers.

I'm a bit confused about the all wheel drive system on the Grande.

It's a constant all wheel drive system. Unlike the later AWD front wheel drive Klugers which transmit power to the back on demand. Is that correct ?

Where I'm confused is from there.

I believe the CVX model had a viscous coupling rear centre diff and a limited slip rear diff.

But the Grande went to electronics and uses Traction Control and Stability Control to control the power to the wheels.

Is this true ? And is this in addition to the viscous centre diff and rear LSD ? Or do the electronics totally replace them?

To add further confusion to my little brain, I've been told that for the last of the Grandes, Toyota deleted some electronics and it's a sort of hybrid mix or some such.

Thanks John 

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