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Proud owner of an AE95...looking for resources...


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Joining because Alltracwagon.net is closed and I need to find other Toyota knowledge resources. Always wanted a Celica but never found one practical, so ended up with a Sprinter Carib with ~300,000+ km's on the clock but suprisingly tight drivetrain due to old lady owner and lots of highway time on a long commute, apparently.

1989 AE95, AV1 trim, code:CWMDH owner. Japanesenew, imported to New Zealand. Basic 4AFE, manual trans, drivetrain presently stock as stock can get but:


KYB Excel-G all around

~30% stiffer springs, custom wound(ask me for specs); ~30mm higher than stock ride height(no "lift" intended, but ground clearnace cought)

LED 'fog' lights

AE111 steering wheel

13" MRF gravel rally tires w/tubes
Pewag chains for all four wheels

Stoked to learn more about the Alltrac legend and all the other models, as well as my own. Seems like a great community here and fairly technical, which is important to me.

Full Scrreeeen__sub 2mb.png

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