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Help/advice needed with rebuild and turbo on Hilux


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Hi everyone,

I'm sure it's been covered before but I've been searching for nearly two weeks and can't find what I need to know.

I have a 98 5l Hilux. Is due for a rebuild. What I'd like to do is rebuild it and turbo it. Basically what I need to know is can I buy a 5le rebuild kit (pistons etc) and use it in my 5l block?

As I have seen people turbo a 5l before but was just wondering if I was to use the 5le pistons being different comp ratio if I'd run into any other issues with the top end like any differences with the head etc that I may have to look at also. 

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Cheers.

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You will have to reduce the compression ratio to abt 22:1 you could just fit a thicker head gasket.   You will HAVE to watch your engine/head temperature closely--fit accurate post market gauges.   These iron heads are on their thermal limit with a 5L, and a direct alloy head isn't available. Alibaba might get you an L motor alloy head from china--but it's the sidecam version, which could be persuaded to fit?  You'd need to do lots of research!      Turbo-ing an L series motor is best limited to a 2L for safety, but it's your car, and your money.  Do the rebuild properly, and DO get a boost compensator for the injector pump from a 2LT.       Do not drive it hard for too long, as it will cook.     

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Ok so could be done as long as I have the right head gasket, egt + boost gauges, may be able to buy a cheap surf for parts so that may be handy for the boost compensater.

If I did it properly with the 5le rebuild kit and all the other parts around it and didn't push the limits of it and thrash it or run silly boost, which I don't plan to would it last or would it just be throwing money away? Only want it for abit more poke and for towing etc.

If they're not the best motor to turbo I'll just fix it as it is and get something better down the track.

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