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The Cardan Joint Conspiracy


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Hi everyone.

New here. Have a tech question.

I have a Prado VZJ95R GKPNKQ 1998 model.  

I will try to keep this short.

Cardan joint on the rear drive shaft is as old as the vehicle. Did the u-joint at the diff end awhile ago no problems. I want to do the transfer case seal and bearings but before I can touch it I need to sort out the Cardan blob stuck to it. I have a press. I have abilities. What I don't have are the part numbers for the cardan joint or the ball or cup. Because Toyota doesn't want me to know the part numbers actually are. It wants to sell me 700 odd bucks worth of new drive shaft and throw the old one away in to which I have already pressed a nice new u-joint!  If someone that works for a drive line shop or similar could help me out with the part numbers it would be much appreciated because I am sure someone has done this and knows what they are.

Part number for the prop shaft in question is 37110-60850.  



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