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Computer Shutdown 2008 Sahara

Geoff Jones

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Gidday everyone I have a 2008 Sahara Landcruiser and back in December I had an altercation with a bus and since then I have had some issues with the computer as occasionally it would go into limp mode at the traffic lights and I would have to turn off the ignition and then restart and it was fine. When I put it in for its normal 10,000 K service I mentioned the problem but the dealer could not find anything wrong. Last night while driving home the computer started making a beeping sound and I pulled off the road only to find that the computer had completely shut down. Today we looked at the problem but found that the 2 front Optima battery's did not have enough crank in them the drivers side was 10.3 but the passengers side was dead and both batteries are only 2 years old. The 3rd battery which runs the fridge was fine and I have an auto electrician coming to look at it tomorrow as I have had the Cruiser brought back home. Hope I can get some ideas for my auto electrician to look at 

Regards Geoff Jones

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