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Auto door locking on new 2024 C-HR?


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My wife is looking at purchasing a new 2024 C-HR Hybrid. Does anyone with one of these know whether the doors lock automatically when driving off? Her 2018 C-HR doesn't do this which is annoying as my 11 year old Kia Sportage does.

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Hi I was very lucky to receive one of the first new models last month. 
My Koba is amazing- as have all of my previous Toyotas. However in answer to your question it does not automatically lock the doors when you engage Drive or when you reach a preset speed. I am very disappointed that with all of the electronic devices and safety features and the approximately 20% increase in price over the last model that Toyota Australia has left a very important safety feature out of the vehicle. We see cars being carjacked almost nightly on the news. My knowledge of technology in this sector is limited but surely it is only an update of the operating systems to fix this. 
The new model is a beautiful car- your wife should still buy one. IMG_9381.thumb.jpeg.12bcf50a6f2038c0fe882a472b9c764e.jpeg

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Thanks Martin. I thought that may have been the case. However, it seems an anomaly with so much tech on board. My wife always looks for this feature after an ugly incident while stopped at a traffic light some years ago. As you said ...perhaps an OTA update?
One other thing if you don't mind me asking. What is the build date on your vehicle? The C-HR's that appeared at my local dealer in the last fortnight all have an October or November 23 build date.



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Yes mine is October 2023. It arrived late February Early March to the docks in Brisbane. 
I have a friend who has been told that hers will be in the next shipment but is only on the production line now. So future stock should be 2024 ! ? 

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Thanks for that Martin. Placed an order for a GR Sport on Friday. Supposedly due for delivery in about three weeks with a manufacturing date of December.

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