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Stopping voices and setting fuel record


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Hi all,

Newbie here. Well sort of. Just bought a 2021 Prius (not V, not C, not iTech, just Prius base). Had a 2006 Prius some years back. Several years with a Subaru in between.

Anyway I have two settings issues I can't find a solution to. I assume they're not specific to the Prius (?):

  1. I've twice been right through the navigation settings, including "driver information" (? or similar). In there I was able to turn off some of the default audio warnings, such as school zones. I truly don't need any of them for safety (or wallet), so for me they're just horribly intrusive. But I discovered yesterday that I still have the one that loudly warns me to obey all road laws, e.g. when I overtake. So I had a second look through the nav settings. Still can't find a way to turn it off. I'd love to learn the secret. What have I missed?
  2. Although I had noticed this bit in my preliminary read through the manual, I got caught out after refuelling when the popup message asked me if I wanted to update the fuel cost. But it only stayed there a few seconds and disappeared on me before I figured out how to select "yes". I couldn't investigate there and then. I had a go just now at seeing if I could edit in the details after the event. Drew a blank there too. Is there a way of doing this? Or is it on-the-spot only? And if the latter, can one prevent the popup from disappearing, or at least maximise how long it stays?

Thanks and thanks in anticipation.

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No idea on 2) but for 1) try THIS.  It appears to be for the US market but describes exactly what you're after, so hopefully the settings/menus are the same

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Brilliant! That's exactly it! I can even picture the settings screen it refers to. (It just isn't self obvious that that's what it's for). Thanks so much for tracking it down. You really must meet Betty one day. Not.

I must run it with Car Play enabled. Then Betty and Siri can slug it out.

Now ... can someone else help me with '2'?

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