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2012 Toyota Camry Atara S - Headlight bulb replacement


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Hi Toyota family members,

One of the bulbs on my 2012 Camry has blown and instead of going to the mechanic - I am trying to replace it myself (I will be very proud if I can do that myself).

The current globe is a halogen (yelloish) light and I was hoping to replace it with something which is more on the white side - is that something possible? I am not looking to change the current system to LED but was just hoping to get something that is a bit more white than the current yellow-ish tone.

If someone has done that in the past, can you please point me to the right direction? I would like to buy the best globe in the market for maximum visibility (preferably something better than the original that I have).

Sorry I am a bit of a naive when it comes to car so would appreciate any assistance or guidance re this.

Thanks in advance!

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I suspect your problem is not the light bulb but rather dirty contacts in the wiring, causing voltage drops. I would check the light plug first, for other than bright contacts. There are contact cleaning sprays available. 



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Thanks for your suggestion, I will try that. If the globe needed a replacement, do you have any recommendation?

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Just get the correct style halogen. No halogen shines yellow, unless with reduced voltage, i.e. bad connections. Some of the newer types may be a bit blue.



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