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3rd Gen (XU50) Kluger new aftermarket radio install


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Hi everybody,


This is my first contribution to the forums; I installed a new radio into my 2016 Grande yesterday. It's a pretty straightforward process.


I wanted smartphone connectivity (Android Auto for myself and Apple CarPlay for my wife), retain as much original functionality as possible and an upgrade that is reversible.


Parts required:

* Aftermarket receiver - I chose the Pioneer DMH-ZF8550BT

* Harnesses - Aerpro CHTO15C, Aerpro APP9* (*this will differ depending on your choice of radio)

* Fascia - Aerpro FP8341

Optional parts:

* Factory GPS and DAB antenna adapters



Pros: I now have Android Auto (for me) and Apple CarPlay (for my wife), 9" screen fills out the cavity nicely, true plug and play - no wire splicing at all, retention of main factory functions (SWC, back-up camera)

Cons: Omissions of instrument MFD for navi and factory vehicle customisation

Additional: Fascia needs modification to be complete


Tools Required:

* Something flat and broad or interior pry tools - either will work, I suggest to tape the end of the tool of choice to prevent damaging any factory panels

* Ratchet with extension and 10mm socket


It's a pretty straightforward process to remove the factory trims. I started with the long panel at the air vents and gently pried at the trim until it released from the dashboard, repeat with the trim above the clock. The air vent registers are next, I pulled at the bottom of the air vents and gently pulled them away from the dashboard. Then all you're left with is the factory radio, which is fastened with 4x 10mm bolts and held in place up top with 2x tabs.




The two Aerpro harnesses together. The loose wire (Lt.Green) is the parking brake wire and has to be pinned into the 28P connector (not connected in the photo below). The loose wires of the Aerpro head unit and vehicle harnesses need to be connected together (there will be a spare 12v trigger wire - I'll be using that as for remote-in for an amplifier).

For factory wiring details I referred to this website: https://pinoutguide.com/Car-Stereo-Toyota-Lexus/Toyota_Highlander_2013-2019_Navi_pinout.shtml



*** RADIO ASSEMBLY OMITTED *** This will all vary depending on your choice of radio, but if you are using a fascia kit you just line it up to suit; refer to your radio install manual. For me, see below; the interface module is placed under the main unit of my radio.


From here, follow the instructions for your interface for installation into the vehicle. Again, it will vary depending on choice of radio and interface. As stated above, in my case I'll need to modify the fascia to complete the look - if you have a standard 2DIN you're essentially done.




I freaked out a little when I first started it up as I didn't have SWC nor back-up camera working. However, going through the settings on the new radio had it sorted out quickly. This may not be the case for other brand of radios but in my case both had to be set.

Having a larger, fixed (as opposed to floating) screen with instant wireless smartphone connectivity far outweighs the additional work of modifying the fascia to suit. Also the fact that not one factory wire had to be modified in any way makes it a breeze to remove if I ever decide to sell the car.

I still have some other parts on the way to finish it off (factory GPS and DAB tuner antenna adapters, some plastic sheet to finish it off. Also, I'm planning to mount the microphone into the fascia, should look near factory when done.


I hope this helps out anyone looking to upgrade their radio to a new unit with current tech. It's been most definitely worth the cost and effort.






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