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Central Locking works intermittently on rear passenger door

Luke 03 Camry

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I recently changed the interior door handles on my 2003 Camry Altise 4cyl manual as they were all cracked and broken, but upon testing the left rear door doesn't lock/ unlock with central locking (remote and with the drivers door thing), nor with the key, only when using the lock on the inside (that switch with the red sticker).

I tried attacking it with copious amounts of innox and it now works intermittently (locks most of the time only unlocks sometimes). While having the door card off I did notice that when unlocking it with the central locking the wire would pull all the way out (as it should) but then go back in halfway, and I wouldn't be able to pull back it out to unlock it. 

This was also a problem before, but removing the old trim piece that was in the way seemed to fix it and it has always locked/unlocked flawlessly up until this point.

I have considered that the whole mechanism might be bad and I might need to buy a new one but was hoping someone would be able to offer some help to maybe fix it without replacing the entire lock mechanism for that door.

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The issue seems to have fixed itself, door is locking and unlocking every time now, so the Innox most probably worked its way through and loosened up whatever wasn't working before.

Will update again if anything changes. 

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