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2012 Hilux 3.0 D4D starts, runs for 30 seconds then stops


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hi guys, 

my son drowned his Hilux in 4 feet of water a week ago. (note car has a snorkel)

I stripped out the alternator, starter motor, PCM and Turbo Wastegate controller,

drained oil, removed filter and replaced,

as well as went around the lower part of the engine disconnecting and learning electrical connectors.

I went through both fuse boxes (one under hood, second fuse box underneath steering wheel, and also disconnected cleaned and reconnected plugs all around the inside of the cab.

We charged up the battery,

gave the engine a 720 degree hand crank with a socket on the harmonic balancer to ensure it wasn't hydro locked

pulled the exhaust immediately after the turbo to check no water had come up the bum and into the turbo

removed and checked airbox and flexible turbo intake piping

checked there was no water ingress through the intercooler


After all of the above, we hit that start key and she fired up immediately.

I then immediately shut it off to check a few connectors and see if any error codes were registering still on the ODB port...I cleared them.


Thats when all the trouble began...


The car wouldn't start after this.


We removed battery and put it back on charge and left it for the night.


Next day, installed battery, turned the key...she fired up immediately. 30 seconds later it shutdown again...then refused to start.


I removed battery, left it for an hour whilst mucking around with a few connectors and cleaning...plugged in battery again and voila....started back up again. Ran for about 30 seconds then shutdown refusing to restart again.


Its the exact same thing over and over again.


The ODB reader gives at least 2 error codes consistently

1. Barometric pressure in the manifold error

2. Turbo wastgate low voltage


(I obtained another turbo wastegate controller however this had made no difference to the turbo error code)


I am not convinced that the turbo or the barometric pressure are necessarily what is causing it to shutdown. Is it possible that water has somehow gotten into something related to the factory ignition disable system and is causing this?





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Also, I have pulled an injector and fuel is coming out of it...so whilst i am not sure how much pressure is there, diesel is being fed up to the injectors...so the problem i think is electronic in that the injectors are not pulsing. 

Now i know that the injector pulse controller is working because the car has been started and ran for up to 30 seconds on a number of occasions


I have disconnected the MAFS, cleaned out the MAF but it doesnt make any difference.

It appears to me that the computer is disabling the injection system for some reason.

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