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2014 VDJ200 Toyota Landcruiser Sahara Water pump

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Hello peeps,

I need help to identify the model number of the water pump on my LC Sahara and whether it is a 1DV-FTV engine?

Can anyone help with this as I am buggered if I am paying Toyota $1500 (exluding fitting) for the pump.





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$1500? Gold plated is it? 1VD-FTV sounds about right. Only two variants - petrol or diesel.

Only one diesel through out the life of the diesel V8. Had mine done around 2012 (2008) vintage,

$250 from Toyota at the time. Shop around and try AMAYAMA. Forumites on the now defunct LCOOL

were sourcing quite a few parts from there.

Try this: Genuine Toyota LandCruiser 200 79 78 76 Series VDJ 1VD 4.5 Diesel V8 Water Pump on ebay.

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Thanks, been quoted up near $800 from a good source but was hoping to get one cheaper and he wouldn’t tell me the model as I have a twin turbo and stated it the higher end model.

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As fas as I know all V8 diesels are the same. The only difference between the 'ute' and/or Trooper (single turbo) is

the ECU. As mentioned in my post 200 is the wagon, 79/78/76 are the ute/trooper variant only having one turbo.

Is $800 just for the pump? This one must only be silver plated.

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Forgot to mention, if you can get the Toyota Part number, you'll be able to X-reference if

non OEM.

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