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  1. I cant remember exactly what night it was now, probably early this week... I was riding in 'baby_rolla's car Just got onto the Princess Hwy from Hoppers Crossing when a stock looking black facelift sportivo almost took the back off the car Hit lift just as he was overtaking We eventually caught up with him again further up the freeway, when he hit lift again What a lovely sound and sight it was....
  2. Well, the time has come to say goodbye to Toyota.. After having more than enough fun with the Corolla, im finally upgrading to something more powerfull and sporty. Ive got 2 choices: - Subaru WRX STi - Renault Megane Sport (maybe even the R26 F1 team edition) Is paying that little bit extra for the Subaru worth the AWD and active diff? Or should i keep the money, go for the Renault, and just modify? The Renault does come standard with LSD too. And the R26 F1 edition is also fitted with the brembo brake package.. It would be good to hear some people's opinions on the two choices ive settled on. Thanks
  3. this is my favorite, all time simpsons quote. so simple... Reiner Wolfcastle: MY EYES. THE GOGGLES DO NOTHING
  4. dont bother.. '300' is a total waste of money... ... in my opinion anyways
  5. wtf happened to your car? hope everything is okay, including yourself.
  6. Minus me out of this one boys Maybe next time... Thanks for the offer; Akuma and JSPTVO
  7. saw lucio's missus (donna?) on the western ring road, around 5:30pm'ish black TRD stivo, with a fantastically placed shift light i remember staring at that, on our first dyno day
  8. Anybody else got some info on this? I'd love to hear of other possible causes! Vacuum hose maybe?
  9. 1. How to get fixed? - Take it to Toyota. If the problem has occured as a result of your accident, im sure it will be fixed under your insurance claim.. which is the answer to your second question. It may only be the front seal thats cracked.. So no biggie there 2. Whats the costs? - As Above. My estimate is anything over $500 (seal replacement + labour) 3. Where can I get it fixed? - RE: No.1. Toyota is the best place to get something like that fixed...
  10. C'MONNNNNNN There has got to be somebody out there who will give me a lift!!! hey man... since we're in the same hood i could give you a lift... only problem is im not yet 100% sure im going PM'd you :)
  11. C'MONNNNNNN There has got to be somebody out there who will give me a lift!!!
  12. Anybody got a spare seat for the cruise? Dont care what car its in.. AND, i'll bring a camera, CB radio, and even some light refreshments!! C'mon. Help a brother out!
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