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  1. Jase... love you long time mate. Said goodbye to TOCAU a while back, best idea ever.
  2. Man didn't you see that tree stump??!! F@ck!!
  3. Those who know me know how to contact me.
  4. Is MOTM allowed in the subscribed members lounge or is that a glitch? I seem to have access to subscribed members lounge... :P
  5. selyaT


    Yeah they usually have the full foggy kits with the relay and brackets etc. Your car should already have the wires.
  6. A game for extremely intelligent men :lol:
  7. selyaT


    Mate you arent going to like the price that Toyota asks for. For foglights see eBay or ozeparts.com
  8. Good work Yoshi, rather than complaining about it, you're using your noggin to get around it. Ppl could learn from you.
  9. I think there are 3 car alarm threads so use the search button and have a look. Also don't expect people to be too open with what alarm system they are using on a public forum because thieves like to come prepared.
  10. Hahaha we should merge this with the other Origin thread because the players we ragged on either came good (Inglis) or sucked worse (Bird).
  11. Sounds dangerous. Google Joe Cell, some water powered engine.
  12. LOL I wish the 1ZZ-FE was a V8!!! 1UZ-FE is the Lexus V8 ;)
  13. LOL dude I would have just gone for the wheel brace and trolley jack option too... You didn't have time but you drove all the way to a tyre shop to get it done? Hahaha it's funny they took the Supra for a tester, didn't even try to make it inconspicuous!
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