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  1. Hi all, 2005 Toyota Corolla Sportivo for sale. Immaculate condition. Will not find a better example of an 05 Sportivo anywhere. Corolla Sportivo Any questions let me know, for contact details please see the add.
  2. I'd only buy one if it was built by John Waterhouse from Reliance Rotary in Canberra.
  3. No one needs a turbo timer... biggest waste of time ever.
  4. MT

    DJKOR's Aurion

    Sorry to hear mate. :( You sure its a going to be a stat write off? Looking at the pics and comparing to the amount of cars we've bought as repairable/economical write offs, i'd say its repairable - unless there is more damage than the photo shows on the bottom of the passenger side B pillar. Anyway it would be interesting to see what AAMI come back with, and why. TRD FTW, or if you want something smaller, something with a 2ZZ, i'll hook you up with the bits to make it quicker than a TRD ;)
  5. You're freezing the aircon condenser. If you're going to drive hard, turn it off. Remember, the aircon is connected to the engine, so the harder you drive the harder it works.
  6. If you cant find your disk for Nero, get rid of it and download IMGBurn, does everything Nero does and much easy to use, and its free!
  7. MT

    work to buy me car

    I'd get professional financial advice if I was you, because a few of the things you have mentioned above don't make a lot of sense. Better to be safe than sorry...
  8. I've done the Canberra course with Rick Bates, but that was as my observed licence test (OLT) to enable me to get my CAMS National Rally Licence. Best place in Sydney to go is, Mick Ryan is the best. Do it, its the best fun you can have with your pants on. Totally worth the $$. Way better than going to the drags or the track.
  9. i'd always hold onto them, never know when you are going to need them. And after you have traded them in for $50 a pop, and then realise how much it will cost you to get them back again either from the dealer or the same place you traded them in, enjoy that feeling...
  10. If I recall rightly, the ones I had said on the packet that they only worked from something like 80kmph to somewhere above the top limit. Yeah, had to avoid a wombat on a trip a couple of months ago. I was really thanking my good tires and brakes after that. I hear hitting them can be worse than a roo. You bet your a*se their worse than a roo! I hit a wombat once in my Lancer. Got a quote for repairs. Plastic weld bumper, new front spoiler, respray, color blend, > $1000, thanks for coming. That's a bargain, last car I saw hit a wombat ripped the strut from the strut tower. Dont bother with them, mainly cos they make the most annoying sound ever when they drive past you when you are walking.
  11. too many Polies compare to population :P :P :P :P :P :P ??? Actually you would find that they don't live here, but travel here throughout the year just when parliament is sitting. On a normal day, there would be 5 times as many politicians in melbourne as there would be in Canberra. Canberra rocks.
  12. Wow NSW like to screw you hey. Not like that in the ACT. 12 months is 12 months. but we also get the option of registering for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. Awesome.
  13. MT

    Home Page

    Well, why don't you be proactive and find and submit a story to be put on there...
  14. Yeah... because we need another jacka** to add more s*** to the board. I did consider it as a joke, but when it comes to things like this.... I'll just assume the person is an idiot. Anyways, if you think outside the box about my response, it is answered in such a way that if a noob does a search without even looking at the "Previously covered topics" thread firstly, then they will most likely click on this heading because it is an obvious title and will then direct them to that thread. Hey dude its all good, dont get too excited. I probably would have fallen for it too a while ago, but u just gotta learn to not care anymore... no one's gonna stop people posting stupid topics, so just let them do it and then let the mods get rid of the thread, thats why we have mods. U gotta have a laugh sometime.... after dealing with idiots all day, i come home to laugh, not get worked up...
  15. there needs to be an emoticon to show how im feeling.. i'm thinking a little dude with a fishing rod... haha well played levinboy, DJKOR took the bait, line and sinker hahaha.