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  1. Havent been to one of these in awhile might tag along if you dont mind me bringing my new car :)
  2. Vouch for all parts on sale here guys well looked after and good quality!!!
  3. Law states in nsw anyway, that you cant have a pod filter open in the engine bay ie not in a box...but most of the cai have the pod filter above the fog light which is technically the bumper not the engine bay, so theoretically no not illegal :)
  4. Thought i would update this with my latest mod...
  5. The 'curvy' one you are seeing is not for the corolla as the zze has a torsion beam rear hence the straight bar I like 1rocky have the trd sway and is a very good part
  6. sway bar = anti-roll bar in the corolla this will be between the rear wheels
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA doing it as a stir mate just reading through some posts and see the same things over and over again just makes me laugh
  8. Just wondering what performance mods are available for the ZZE corollas??
  9. Im down in Geelong for 3months would be nice to catch up with some vic members
  10. Brazil GP Team: Red Bull Driver: Button, Vettel Pole: Vettel Fastest: Hamilton
  11. Sweet when am i test driving it for you hahaaha
  12. 2.25" from catback is the way to go for the 1zz but if u dont want to upgrade the whole system, sportivo muffler does a treat or just get the sportivo exhaust from the catback from a wreckers and have it installed on your car.
  13. ill take 3!!! Sounds close to an F1 car