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  1. Hi guys..just realised that there's only a Toyota Only Cars for sale thought i'd just put it here..i'm sure Ken won't mind :P I've got my Mitsubishi Evo 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition for sale at the moment for $24k ono to forum members/friends etc.Need to free up some cash cos my home loan is kicking in very soon.If anyone's got friends who are interested pls let them know or if someone here is looking to upgrade pls come have a look.All maintenance issue have been looked at so there's really not much you need to spend on unless you want more power,then a tune and boost controller etc will be next on the list.All details on carsales advert below. Thanks! Regards Adrian 0422248911 or Evo 6.5 Carsales Link
  2. Updates on the Evo: Parts List: PWR Radiator with Ralliart Radiator Cap Unknown Oil Cap Carbon Mirrors (Ganador Style) Cusco Oil Catch Can Ralliart Intake Pipe with Monster Sport Power Filter PFX600 and Battery Relocation Tray Custom Exhaust with High Flow Cat & Blitz Nur Spec Muffler
  3. Awesome looking pics Clarence!Car looks great too btw :)
  4. For a moment there I thought you said the other 's' word Not sure if its ADR approved, but neither is my seat nor any of my other mods ;) they should be ADR approved,i bought the same set for the Evo too and the supplier said that they are ADR approved :)
  5. Hi guys & gals, My boss's contacts in Japan have just informed him of some specials they've got going for Work Emotion CR Kai's and he's passing the offer on to you guys by bringing in some for those who might be interested.Choice of colors are standard White,Bronze,Gunmetal Grey & the Chrome(need to double check) i think.Sizes 17" to 18" i think are what most pple would want.Width and offsets can be chosen from too.We've already got some orders from Nissan and some Honda owners.Please lemme know soon(cut off date is mid-June) before my boss goes over to Japan to finalise the numbers. Pricewise (to be confirmed): 17" approx. $1600-1800 18" approx. $1900-$2100 Postage extra for other states. Deposit requred if you want to go ahead Cheers Adrian
  6. Thanks guys,yeah i love how the car looks,drives,handles and feels so raw just driving it.Its awesome and i love it..part list will remain as is for now or at least until we start paying off our home loan haha
  7. So i handed in the MR2 2 weeks ago,and finally picked up my new car last friday,Evo 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition and got the chance to go bring it to my old work place to give the car a good full detail,something it probably was missing alot hehe gave it a good wash,clay,light buff,polished and waxed it,buffed the headlights,cleaned the engine bay and resprayed the bonnet vent black.Glad it came up nice at the end,just gonna enjoy the car for now(Its completely stock) and not spend too much on it with the house building coming up later this yr.Anyway,on to the pics,enjoy :) Parts List: PWR Radiator with Ralliart Radiator Cap Unknown Oil Cap
  8. The insurance company usually auctions the written car off to repairers to salvage as much as they can from the payment they had made to you. Of course they would sell back the car to you at a significantly higher price than that they had paid you out. Or else, everyone will take advantage of this, by buying back the car at a cheaper price and using the left over cash they received from written off payment to use on repairing the damage on the car. Its only cosmetic. Mechanically it's sound as a rocket. Imo, I would just cough out repair costs to panel beater or have custom panels made from the same non-metal materials made for hard top detachable roofs. My friend's MX5 got battered all over from the storm here too, but only his hard top roof was left undamaged because it wasn't made from metal. Its all too late now cos i brought the car to the insurance this arvo and picked up my cheque.I know its only cosmetic..but i wouldn't want my roof and pillars to be filled with yeah..its time to move on.
  9. I've gathered that there was no mechanical damage from the storm as you still drive the car. Is it just exterior panel damage? Imo, too much of your time, effort and $$$ has been put into this project, for you to just accept a write-off payment as a solution. This MR2 is simply the best that I've come across so far, it can only just get better in future, and that’s if you were to get it cosmetically repaired. But if you choose not too, maybe a lucky panel beater will score himself this prized MR2 from the insurance auction. I commend all your hard work put into this car, very impressive and awe inspiring. well..the main reason for not fixing is because the car/paintwork/body will never be the same again after all that repair the amount of money insurance wants for me to buy the car back is ridiculous.
  10. Received the long awaited call from the "Total Loss Team" this arvo and was told to bring the car down tmr to hand over.Which means tmr will be the last time i'll be driving the MR2.Bittersweet feeling right now as i prepare to say goodbye to my car that has served me well and gave me nothing but good times driving it.So farewell and hopefully it goes to a gd home and gets a new lease of life.
  11. Hi guys, So i'm still waiting to hear back from the insurance about buying my car back.In the case where its gonna be unregistered,i'm just wondering if there's anyone out there who might planning to buy a SW20 for track purposes only?REason being,rather than parting out everything,i'd much rather sell the whole car(minus the seats) than go through the hassle of parting it out.So if there's anyone toying with that idea,please lemme know and we can most definitely discuss it. Cheers Adrian
  12. Hi all,i guess its time to say dear friend has been written off..i'm still waiting to find out how much i can buy it back for..but for now..this chapter has come to an end.I'm still not sure what to do with it if i get it back..hopefully i can pass it on to someone who might want to use it for the track,otherwise i'll part everything out and wreck the shell. I'll know in the next week or so,but till then..its time for mourning for the loss of a great car,plenty of memories,blood and sweat and enjoyable drives.
  13. here are some pics of the damage..abit hard to see them but u can kinda tell from the "ripple" Roof Bonnet Fender
  14. So as most of you might have heard..Perth's suffered one of its worst thunder storm ever,we've had a flooded shop that we spent most the day cleaning and getting everything working.And of cos my saddest moment when i walked out to my car this morning..did not escape the unexpected hail storm that came down yesterday evening.Front bumper,fenders,roof and bootlid now looks like the moon's pimpled surface.I hope its repairable and not a write-off..i'll find out tmr when i call the insurance company *fingers crossed* its a sad sad day :(