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  1. Hey guys. I have some parts left over from my stivo days. Just seeing if anyone is interested in these bits and pieces. Prices are negotiable. Shipping is on top if you are interstate. - Genuine Toyota ZZE12# facelift headlight protectors. $20 - OEM ZZE123 Sportivo rear sway bar. If I remember correctly this is 19mm, whereas all ZZE122 have an 18mm rear bar. Subtle difference but great if your are fine tuning. $40 - OEM ZZE123 2ZZ-GE clutch and flywheel assembly. Both parts only did 60k kms before I upgraded. Bit of meat left on the clutch disc. $80 - A pair of ears for an aftermarke
  2. Ok so I still have these items: - OEM shifter - $20 - Genuine Toyota facelift headlight protectors - $30 - OEM Sportivo rear sway bar - $30 - Ported 2ZZ-GE head - $300 - OEM 2ZZ-GE flywheel and clutch - $100 Or perhaps throw me an offer..
  3. Hey guys I have some leftover parts I found in the garage. Obviously I don't need them anymore. I can ship if need be. Prices are negotiable. - Factory 2ZZ-GE flywheel and clutch. Both have done 60,000 km $150 - Genuine Toyota facelift headlight protectors. $50 - Factory Corolla Sportivo rear sway bar. Good if you want to fine tune the characteristics of your car (handling wise). $50 -Standard Corolla Sportivo shifter. No cradle just the shaft itself. $30 Thanks
  4. Thank you thank you! Sounds good maybe someone with decent photo skills. Get a damn zorst! Hope you had a good Chrissy btw. Thanks mate. Actually in these photos my car wasn't the cleanest. Full detail usually includes: -Wash with Megs Nxt Gen car wash with microfibre wash mitt -303 Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner for the soft top -Claybar -A pass of Megs Ultimate compound with Megs G220 DA polisher/Lake Country pad -Autoglym Super Resin Polish with Megs G220 DA polisher/Lake Country pad -Now using Megs Ultimate wax liquid (was using Tech wax 2.0) -Megs Ultimate detailer and Megs Ultimate
  5. Not much has happened since last time... Did some DIY things to get her to look the way I want: -Blacked out badges and rearranged rear -Bought OEM reflectors and sprayed them red using metalcast (still reflect perfectly) -Restitched my handbrake as it was looking scraggy and brown more than red (thanks to this thread http://www.mazda-speed.com/forum2/index.php/topic,20058.0.html. The thread I had was a little too thin so I doubled the thread for each pass. Then I took her for some pics yesterday Hope everyone has a safe and joyous chrissy and a prosperous new year! A
  6. Why do I get a feeling another set is coming? Btw you car made me dig meshies
  7. That's a lot of HIDs. Jeff seems like you can't park Why did you get rid of the XD9s? I think they look awesome.
  8. I really don't see the point of this hydro shield. Water splashing onto your pod wouldn't hinder the engine. To hydrolock, the intake has to be fully sealed and submerged. That means on a CAI the whole pod has to be in water for the vacuum to do any damage. In any case I think the bypass that someone used to make was a smart idea. I was made by either AEM or Injen. Quick check shows its made by AEM. The air by-pass valve is what I'm talking about. A little article here
  9. There's no such thing as a factory replacement bumper/bodykit for the ZZE. The only factory kit was the lip kit, whether it was the Sportivo one or the Levin one. So I would get the eBay one before it goes if you didn't want to get a set straight from Toyota. You can get your favourite painter to fit the kit after respraying them if you are so inclined.
  10. Bit of a long trip driving from Perth to Sydney
  11. Nice Bill. Was it 2nd or 3rd you had issues with? I can't remember off the top of my head. Hopefully nothing else breaks that maybe now weaker than the tranny
  12. Have a look at Disturb3d's ride thread and Azzman372's ride thread

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