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  1. Update 5/9:Contemplating parting out some of the easier stuff unless someone buys the car then everything goes to them. If you have any questions let me know. Also if you are tossing about wanting to purchase this car, just mention to me you are a member of TOCAU and I am more than happy to reduce to price a little for you (I will double check the member list =P. I'd love to see this car go to someone on this forum) Hey all. I've decided that I'm going to sell my sportivo and upgrade to something else. I've put a lot of work and effort into it and its a shame to let it go Unfortunately with age my car has suffered a bit of wear and tear and I'll list all the faults here as I don't want to hide anything from any potential buyers (I'll get photos up of everything but it would be good also if you want to inspect the car. These are mostly cosmetic but the car is mechanically in great condition: A couple of dents on the roofA couple of scratches on the tinting on the drivers windowFront lip is loose and has a dent as the previous owner hit somethingBecause of the previous point the clips on the bottom of the bumper are broken and the mud guard is currently being held together with cable tiesThe car is otherwise in very good condition. Always been garaged, using only 98 octane fuel (BP ultimate and v-power). Rego till July 2014. Approx 111000 kms Recent things done:29/9/2012 - 4 New tyres11/2/2013 - 100k serviceJune 2013 - Rear brake pads changed and machined29/8/2013 - Replaced catalytic converterMods: TRD CAI K&N Rx3900 pod filter Shifter Bushing upgrade Stubby antenna Red painted engine cover (Pretty sure I have another unpainted one) Dark window Tinting Eyelids JDM Style tail light mod Red Illuminated door sills (back right one on the fritz) LED parker White led console mod Black headlight mod HID's 6000k + projectors + Angel Eyes(Angel eyes dead) Interior LEDS TRD 1.3bar coolant cap Cusco os Front strut bar Whiteline Rear sway bar Eonon e1091 headunit Ported headers Koni Yellows + Eibach springs 2.5" catback + X-force Twinloop S10 muffler If there is anything you want to know about the car contact me and talk to me. Location: North Parramatta/Maquarie Park(During Business hours) Website: Reason for Selling: I've decided that its time to move on Price and Payment conditions: $12500 Pictures: I'll grab some current photos soon but for now here is my cars' thread Contact Details: Aaron
  2. Hi! Yeah I haven't Been on In A While But I Still Get Notified When I Get A Pm =) (Bloody Phone And Auto Capitalising All My Words)
  3. Interested in the Cr kais and the works. I'd like to get one from you but not sure which one. Do you have any pics of the wheels on your car? Also would you be willing to ship to Syd? Thanks!
  4. I got 2.5" cat back mild steel xforce s10 and apparently an xforce hotdog too. I got everything done for $500 (yeah I didn't really shop around but went to castle hill exhaust cause I remember people a while back recommending this place. Then I went back again for around #200 worth of other repairs. Something came really loose after I for my headers ported so they fixed that. Video pending as its been raining constantly here in syd. Also need another pair of hands lol
  5. I'll get a clip soon. The twinloop is really amazing. I love how its relatively soft at low RPM and loud at Higher RPMs! Driving around normally I forget I actually have the new exhaust
  6. hehe I wish my angel eyes still worked. Update! 2.5" catback with an xforce twinloop s10 muffler. Sounds really amazing.
  7. Hey all! Haven't been on for ages but that doesn't mean I haven't done some stuff with my car =) So I have for sale stock corolla sportivo catback exhaust already out of my car ready to go. It is cut I think at the cat and comes in two sections. I'm sure most people know what this looks like but I'll put up pictures if requested. Pickup only near Parramatta ready to go. I have no idea how much these go for now so pm/post/contact me for offers or if someone could help me set a ball park figure that would be great. Thanks for reading! Edit: Price set at around $200. Negotiable PM offer =)
  8. Wow its been a while. Just wanted to post an update. Recently got my sportivo finally lowered! I installed Koni yellows + eibachs. Pictures soon Also got my headers ported. I will post up the dyno graphs
  9. Spotted Blue sportivo ATW XXX on windsor rd today at around 4ish
  10. i remeber seeing you as well actually this is not the 1st time i spotted your car, you live in the area? I live in north rocks but I frequent pennant hills rd to get to eastwood for the train
  11. Spotted dennis (zze 12x) (lol its either 2/3) tonight @ pennant hills road whilst i was turning right onto marsden rd
  12. Now firstly, I'm planning on getting a new eonon head unit and they have a sale on at the moment where you can get a free(lol?) reverse camera. Please do not post anything about my choice of product/how crap it is because I personally use an older eonon head unit and for a cheap china brand head unit, it works really well. So my question is, on the zze hatch where can you install the camera? I have no idea. Took off the trim on the hatch and couldn't see where i could run the cable or where to mount the camera. Any help would be muchly appreciated hehe