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  1. 'fraid not, Jeffy. Was very, very, very tempted. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
  2. Finally here! (Or, well, as at last Wednesday arvo, anyway). Deets coming soon, once the Tassie weather clears up and I have a chance to get some good photos.
  3. After nearly 4 years, 85,000kms, lots of time and love, and many good intentions that never saw the light of day, sadly 11 days ago I waved goodbye to my Aurion as the new owner drove her away. And what a horrible 11 days it's been, a-to-b-ing in a borrowed ACV36 Stivo, and moreso a "well loved" AE91 Seca that smells like a tobacconist. Damn this waiting for new cars business *sigh*
  4. Well, I'm aroused. I'll take one in blue, please.
  5. not for some of us. $50k is hardly inexpensive. Especially for someone under 20. Especially in Tasmania where even the average family can't afford that. Must be nice to be "some of us". How's the air up there?
  6. Being young with an Aurion doesn't necessarily get the police off your back. Just ask Adamsy. ;)
  7. Take it to a dealership, they should be able to connect in with their IT and adjust it for you.
  8. You already have paddles for feet in your Aurion. They're called accelorator and brake.
  9. Converting a standard Mustang to look like a GT500 would be more alike to converting your Camry LE to a Camry SE. People here wouldn't convert their Camrys look like Aurions here because the price difference is such that by the time you paid for the parts, paint and labour to do the conversion, you could have spent similar money and just bought the Aurion.
  10. I hate it less every time I look at it. Still haven't seen one in the flesh, and probably will never buy one, but I'm no so much in the "wish it would run over me so I don't have to see it anymore" camp now.
  11. Had you have searched, you would have found one thread which clearly states something you may find in the thread: http://au.toyotaowne...cs/page__st__30 http://au.toyotaowne...cs/page__st__45 Interesting, the caster specs posted by David the Viking are quite different to mine, although the camber specs are very similar. I wonder if this will be looked at at all when Toyota releases the 50 series Aurion? "When"? Have you been living under a rock? I daresay being its all new bits in 50 series (isn't it?), this issue wouldn't/shouldn't carry over.
  12. Are you suggesting hoons who don't use these plates are intelligent?
  13. Despite the fact that almost everybody has this issue, Toyota don't recognise it as a warranty claim. You might be able to convince your dealer to fix it for you anyway, but good luck with that.