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  1. Bit late to this story but i had a knocking sound on small bumps a couple years ago, ended up being the intermediate shaft in the steering a known issue with aurions. Spent thousands replaced lots of parts to no avail until Toyota on a 3rd attempt found the issue.
  2. I have had something similar in sound - ended up being the intermediate shaft in the steering that was the issue - also caused a clunking sound when hitting small bumps etc on the road Discovered this only after replacing.... front bearings, front hubs, front suspension, 2 engine mounts, 2 pulleys, all brake pads & rotors, tyres and balancing - since then the rattle finaly stopped D:
  3. What a full on episode that was for the new season of Sons of Anarchy 😳

  4. for the life of me i cannot fiind it on the forums and cant see it in the FAQ Someone tell me the process of resetting the ecu and making it learn the "softer Driving" since i put my new battery my fuel consumption has gone through the roof! average was 500Km to a Empty Fuel light coming on now its only 450km or less O_O ! Cheers to who ever can link me to the old post or repost it for me. Thanks, Steele.
  5. Looking at replacing my battery now that the Toyota 90,000km Service is happening and they say its on its way to dead.... Looking into the AGM based battery, has anyone got a good suggestion to suit the aurion ? I know of the Red Top & the Century AGM based battery, but unsure of quality etc ? Anyone got one at the moment ? Cheers, Steele. P.S - 90K Service is costing $930 here in WA....
  6. "Sir i have reason to believe this isn’t your car, way too young to have an expensive car like this!" - At first i justify thought he was mucking around but after repeated checks on the system and consultation with his senior officers it appeared that he was dead serious? So after about 10 minutes of checking everything under the sun i finally snapped and said if the car is registered to my name, I’ve shown you various license and business cards that match that name and told you i work for Toyota does that not just mean that bloody car is mine? So hence the “Stolen” tag in my profile name lol Haha i know some people that have similar issues Next closest thing to that is having your plate & name linked to a VOI haha
  7. It seems to be a common story. All these aftermarket units seem to turn out being dud's and just don't work as described! I've done quality and non quality installs & for the money i have wasted on my car, i now am for ever deciding to go with a reputable installer for the parts and labor! I currently have the Easydeals Head Unit installed, works but with bugs/issues ( none of which have been fixed even tho they have tried ) Recomendation - Get JVC / Pioneer / Alpine or whatever tickles your fancy for a headunit + something like this -
  8. I like being young having an aurion tho, the cops think its an "oldies" car, so i never get pulled over hahaha ( im in perth's most police targeted club, 3 years cruising, 18 months with the aurion and never been pulled over !)
  9. In that video it was a suction cup mounted on the roof of a Impreza WRX and had no other harness to secure it.
  10. Cheers guys this is really assited me in deciding what is decent and around on the market! The go pro is a great camera dont get me wrong gopro are more so for filming actual pre planned events Example from my car club here in perth :D filemd with a gopro - you can see my sexy aruion around the 4 minute mark !I think my link to the GOTRACK is best i can find !
  11. I live in WA and there's nothing on the Dept. of Transport website to indicate whether they are legal or not. I will try to call to check during the week but I don't see any difference with having white park lights and cars with daytime running lights In WA its illegal to have Red or Blue LED Colours on your vehicle unless its an emergency vehicle. Some T10 SMD LED's may not fit inside the Parker light housing so just be warned, but for the sake of it before you put them in can you take a photo of the globe for comparison reasons as i all ready have some but they aren't that bright ( like you see on the Ebay Page.) If changing the Parker lights i also recomend the Curtosy lights that are in the doors ( same T10 Globe ) and also the Center cabin light if you a light nut like myself you will love the brighter lighting from a SMD LED Panel. Something similar to this -
  12. Awsome that will be much appreciated... I like the looks of the GOTRACK Myview (LINK) as it has everything that i want/need :)
  13. People are jealous we own an Aurion! Aurion owners are just awesome, ask me I'll tell you hahaha!
  14. If i had kids - rear seat covers maybe BUT EWWW they are horrible looking pattern and colour.... prefer the black default my ATX comes with - if they ever get torn i will either replace fabric or just replace the entire front seat haha
  15. I searched the forum and found no threads that tickled my fancy in the way of info on dash cameras. I have seen them "advertised" on today tonight a while back and finally want to look into getting one. So... Who has one ? What i want to know is a few key things Pricing / Range Quality of Recording ( FPS, 720p/1080p etc?) Night Vision (worth it ?) GPS Tracking (when playing video it shows where it was taken on a Google map etc) G Force Sensors anything extra it comes with or doesn't Yes i know im asking a lot, but Google doesn't really point me in the direction i want, so hoping someone on here has had some prior knowledge or experience with these sorts of products! Cheers, Steele