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  1. So say this product does what it claims. What about grip? Surely the gain in longevity would come at the price of losing grip? You could be turning your tyres into roller skates, particularly in the rain. No thanks
  2. Sales related story from when I was looking to buy an Aurion back in 2011. I call them regarding a particular car and the salesman suggests I put a "holding deposit" of $500 on the car so that they don't sell it until I can give it a test drive. Stupidly, I agreed to put down $200. He had initially asked for $500. I turn up on the Saturday, a few days later, test drive the car and find that the suspension is too firm for my liking; being that its a Sportivo model. Yes, I know, Sportivo "sports" .... the irony (it was a Toyota). I tell the salesman that the suspension is not to my liking and ask whether I can look at the new-demo non-Sportivo models of the same car. He seems pleasant enough and handballs me to another salesman. Salesman B then has the attitude of "You're going to buy a car today aren't you", trying to use the leverage of the holding deposit. I test drive the non sportvo model but the asking price is too high. Salesman C; the supervisor is then trying to convince me that the non Sportivo, "Touring" model that I test drove has the SAME suspension as the Sportivo. If that's the case then why is the Touring called a Touring and not a Sporivo? The suspensions ARE different. I then spend close to two weeks of sending emails and making phone calls before my $200 deposit is returned. What a bunch of clowns. Never going back. Ever.
  3. Ok, I am guessing that the rear sway bar on the Touring is slightly thicker?
  4. I have a question regarding the Aurion suspension setup that I have wondered about for quite some time. Other than the bigger wheels (17inch vs 16inch) are there any other differences between the suspension setup on a 2011 Aurion Touring compared to an Aurion ATX or even the higher spec models. Not the SX6 or the ZR6 as I am pretty sure that the setup on these is different.
  5. Something like this?
  6. Ok, this is going to sound a little crazy but I think my 2011 Aurion Touring is doing few odd things as far as fuel use goes. I do about 95% suburban driving and typically fill up with 91 RON Shell fuel. From time to time I will fill on 98 RON or 95 RON Shell fuel but have not noticed any particular difference in the fuel economy. If anything, the 91 RON seems to be the most economical, the 95 RON next and the 98 RON least economical (in L/100klms used) This is counter to what one would expect right? Unless I am imagining things. I will monitor this more carefully and see what I come up with.
  7. IMO, the cup holder recesses should be about an inch deeper. They would then hold items more securely.
  8. Where did you get the horns from? Cost? I was looking at Stebel horns a while back and was thinking of getting a nice, loud one for my Aurion for those times when you need to give someone a nice blast.
  9. I was getting annoyed with the chirping/beeping that my 2011 Aurion Touring was making when I was using the key fob to Lock and Unlock my car. One beep to lock, two beeps to unlock. I asked the guys at Gary McMillan Toyota about this when I took it in for a service some time ago .. and the guy quoted me something like $140 to get it "reprogrammed" or whatever they do. Today I was out and drove past LeMans Toyota in Deer Park, on the way back I stop in at LeMans and spoke about the issue with one of the guys in the Service Department. He goes and gets a Technician who plugged some contraption into the plug at the bottom right hand corner of the dashboard. A few minutes later; fixed. No more beeping/chirping when locking/unlocking the car. The charge? Nothing ! Awesome .... so a BIG thumbs up for LeMans Toyoya in Deer Park. Sorry Gary McMillan but I think that LeMans just got a new customer when it comes to getting their car serviced.
  10. Agreed... The sportivo is wrecked by the ultra sqaure rear end but more by the excessive use of the black plastic grooved sections in the front & rear bumpers Yes, every time I see those rear plastic grooved sections I can't help but wonder about what the hell they were thinking. Maybe back in the 80's it would have looked cool, but on a "modern" car? Ughhhhhhhh. From the rear, I find that even the mufflers are too visible. Poor effort really.
  11. In my humble opinion, as far as the current range of Aurions go, the Touring looks better than the Sportivo models.
  12. Question. As far as the 2011 SE Touring goes; they have 17 inch rims. Other than that, is the suspension the same as the ATX ? I would be suprised if the Touring had the same suspension as the SX6 and/or ZR6.
  13. Anyone ... anything? Hello ......hello ......hello........ hello .........