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  1. OEM GPS Antenna included. Comes with the dual zone climate control unit. Car got pinched before I got a chance to install it $250 pickup Epping Melbourne
  2. Hey guys, found these on GumTree. Bargain for $1200 Please view this ad: TRD Aurion F&R Calipers & Matching Brake Pads, http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/melbourne-cbd/brakes-suspension/trd-aurion-f-r-calipers-matching-brake-pads/1163708545?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttonsVIP&utm_content=app_android
  3. I went to inspect my car on Wednesday and I was so disgusted by the state it had been left in. Bottles of urine everywhere, alcohol bottles, broken headlights, front bar feel off and was inside the car. Heavy Scratches all over the car and my 20" Vertini Dynastys ruined. It was heartbreaking to seeing it go. ZR6, 75ks, all options included. I'm now looking for a TRD Aurion 3500SL, is there anyone here selling one?
  4. I've been a cancer patient for the past 17 years so my body has taken a beating. Every time I recover, I spend a lot of time lifting weights and boxing and did PT for a few years. Unfortunately 6 years ago my sister was fatally injured in a truck accident and I hit a major depressions since than and have lost 30kgs, sitting on 60kgs now and lost all my hard work in the gym. Plus inflammatory and rheumatoid arthritis plus osteoporosis in every joint in my body does not help the situation. My health has declined a lot since the accident as I didn't handle it well.
  5. Definitely many lessons learnt. It is shocking how bad the crime rate is in the northern suburbs these days. I'm just glad I was fully insured. I might invest in a TRD if the car isn't found by next Wednesday
  6. Hey guys, please be careful out there. Last Wednesday I was packing my car with groceries at Lalor Plaza (Melbourne) when someone got into my passenger's door with me. At first I thought it was my cousin playing a trick on me but when he pulled out a large knife, I knew it was someone else. He told me he wanted a lift to Epping to buy his "drugs'. I tried to talk to him but he was wasted. As I was on Dalton RD, he told me to pull over, took my wallet, phone and keys with his knife aimed at my stomach and told me to get out than sped off in my car. Police later tracked him using my credit card
  7. Hey guys I'm selling some spare parts I've got for my Aurion 2010 ZR6 which I o longer than. All pics are available on the Gumtree link provided except for the spoiler as I haven't had to get a good shot of it. Item:CENTRE CONSOLE IN GUNMETAL ALUMINIUM BRUSHED POLISH PROFESSIONALLY WRAPPED AND EXCELLENT QUALITY VINYL. WILL INCLUDE EXTRA VINYL FOR ANY EXTRA PARTS THAT YOUD LIKE TO WRAP. VINYL COST ME $100 AND CENTRE CONSOLE $175. THIS INCLUDES FASCIA AND CLIMATE CONTROL CONTROLS Website: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/epping/audio-gps-car-alarms/toyota-aurion-sportivo-zr6-centre-conso
  8. I'm also working on an 89 CRX which I might put the OXs on as they are same stud pattern
  9. Thanks for your opinions guys. Full-Throttle I was thinking of painting the outter lip silver also as it is currently gunmetal. Noodle, yeah that's my wife's uncles shop in Epping
  10. Hi guys, I recently bought some new Vertini Dynasty wheels in 20s for my car and I realty like the look of them. But I also miss my old Ox 19" wheels which I have in the garage. Forget the calipers for a moment, which rims suit my car better? The OX in 19s out the Dynastys in 20s I have now? Opinions please DYNASTYS OXs
  11. WTB - Toyota Aurion DVD/Nav head unit preferably out of the facelift model (later 09-11) Location - Melbourne Please PM if you can help
  12. I've got an Alpine ina-w900 which is a competition double din unit with nav, BT and DVD. Too old for subs. Selling if anyone's interested. Still got it in the car if anyone wants to test it
  13. Hey dude, I installed this kit on the weekend and kids probably the best investment I've made on my car so far. Quality is amazing. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=261488408856&alt=web

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