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  1. Wow. Thread is still going strong. Glad to see you are putting some decent stuff on.
  2. Bump. Rear apron is now $220 (please arrange your own transportation and shipping), wing tips are $100, pedals are open to any offers.
  3. No unfortunately I didn't. Send it to me again please.
  4. Wow. Photos turned up a bit big. Anyway, quick snaps, hopefully you guys are happy with them. More items to come next week? (If I don't get too lazy) EDIT: King Springs are sitting at my mate's place at the moment so I haven't got any photos. But we all know what they look like. :P
  5. Hey guys, I've got some parts sitting around in the storage and I want them gone. The parts are for ZZE122/3. I'd prefer pick up, but I can look in to delivery. Available for pick up in Eastwood, Sydney. Item #1: Genuine Sportivo rear skirt Condition: Brand new Price: SOLD! Item #2: Aero Sports FRP T-7 eyelids (exact C-One replica; facelift only) Condition: Used; painted in black Price: SOLD! Item #3: Corolla Blue illuminated door sill Condition: Brand new Price: SOLD! Item #4: C-One wing tips Condition: Brand new Price: $120 $100 firm SOLD! Item #5: Genuine slimline visor Condition: Used Price: SOLD! Item #6: King Springs low Condition: Used; travelled 12,000KM Price: SOLD! Item #7: Generic aluminium pedals Condition: Used Price: $20 Offers Please! That's all for now. There's still a few things left, I'll put them up when I get a chance. Thank you, Young
  6. King Young

    New FT-86

    Without trying to sound rude....... You are way off the track. If it's a subbie engine it'll be VERY easy tune/modify. It's a sports car. If it gets released then the Japanese tuning houses will be all over it in a few months. You'll have off the shelf parts available for it within 6-12mth. Exhausts, intakes, tuning software, etc. My next car (in a few years) will be one of these or im currently drooling over a c63 amg coupe. Soooo tasty!! No offence taken. As I've said, that's just what I've been told. And apparently that's one of the reasons why people opt for the Evo instead, along with it's forged pistons from factory. But considering you've had a WRX yourself, I'm not going to argue.
  7. King Young

    New FT-86

    I spoke to the Toyota bloke when the G-Sport concept was at the Sydney Motor Show and he says that the turbo version will not be available to us. That was a year ago now and I hope things have changed. On another note, I don't know about tuning this thing if it's got a Subaru boxer engine. I don't know much about it but I was told it's a pain to even put an intake on a boxer engine because it sits so low (and upside down?). Any engine work will result in a massive amount of cash for the labour involved (unless you game to DIY). Not to mention the newer cars all seems very integrated in terms of exhaust system, meaning a lot of custom work? It's a beautiful car though.
  8. Considering I use the APEX'i, I absolutely love the thing. Everyones' gonna backup their own system saying that it's better, it'll be hard for you to conclude your research purely based on our feedbacks. PS. </3 DUY YOU DIRTY HAG!
  9. ^ agreed. At the most, you'll be looking at a 3 - 4 kW difference. Not much given the percentage variance.
  10. My car is better regardless of the driving skills. :)
  11. Disagree! Ooh, do tell! Ultimately, it comes down to what you want. SRI = More torque & power through the midrange, smoother transition in to lift. CAI = More torque & power at top end, better peak power. Not so good with the rain especially when you don't see a massive puddle coming near. I guess it depends on what kind of power you want. As you can see, its pretty much between drivability and peak power. I don't think there's a better or worse option between the 2.
  12. Spotted on Anzac Bridge this morning, white facelifted Sportivo with black rims, red lip, lowered and white HID foggies. Look terrific, how horrible was the jam this morning? Also frequently spotting graphite? ZRE in student parking at Broadway with black Toyota badge and black Kappas.
  13. Thanks mate. In the meantime, I'll drop a Email to GSL and see what they can provide.
  14. I'll look in to these. Do you know the parts number? From SD's ZZT parts numbers. Queensland Friction Materials (QFM) ..... HPX: use Bendix part number and add 'HPX' to the end (0-550*C, 0.41-0.42μ) ..... A1RM: use Bendix part number and add 'A1RM' to the end (0-780*C, 0.4-0.48μ) ..... Comp 9: use Bendix part number and add 'Comp9' to the end(100-800*C, 0.42-0.44μ) (Race ONLY!) Bendix ..... Advance Front: DB1714 (SA build) ..... Advance Rear: DB1429 ..... Heavy Duty Front: DB1422 (Japanese build) ..... Heavy Duty Rear: DB1429 ..... General Front: DB1422 (Japanese Build) ..... General Rear: DB1429 Which Bendix part number do I use?
  15. That's alright, I can deal with cleaning. . TRDs' are pretty dirty too, but they died after 10,000Km with 1 track day. Maybe I just brake too much. :P
  16. Sweet as. Only 1 number for both front and rear? I'll definitely give them a call, not easy to find places that can get them.
  17. So my TRD black series pads are f*cked, time to find a replacement. After some research, the Ferodo DS2500 seems to be one of the better street with the possible track pads. I've looked around for the part number, the closest I've reached is the "FCP1528H" from SD's "ZZT231 Part Numbers". Can anyone confirm on these? Also, any other recommendations for a good street/track pad?
  18. No one else actually... The other Stivo isn't from TOCAU. SO just me.. LOL
  19. Good damn you post quick. LOL! Good work. Hope the time will improve with some fancy driving eh? Maybe the use of a more accurate timer will help too. :D
  20. Say what? I'm heading down to Wakefield tomorrow too. Maybe see you there?