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  1. Hi Trentmeyer23 Thanks for the reply. Had the car back into the Toyota dealership today(Martin Jonkers Toyota Morayfield) who re checked the timing belt replacement work and all was done to specifications re timing marks etc. They found the fault to be a dirty EGR valve so they removed and cleaned it up saying that it was now working ok but probably would be better replaced completely but car is now running fine with no hesitations but they did say it might creep back. Good dealership(Martin Jonkers Toyota Morayfield) and never charged one cent to do the job so very happy with them. Can you let me know if its easy to replace the EGR valve on a 3.0L Camry Azura and what sort of price would an EGR valve be to purchase here in Australia. Thanks Gilbo.
  2. Just purchased an 03 Camry Azura 3.0L 6cyl and she has been running smoothly for the 1st 2 weeks, then I put her into a Toyota dealer to have a new timing belt fitted and she was running fine after getting her back although did not get her onto the freeway and up to top speed. Also had a tow bar fitted and an auto spark who had to splice into the rear wiring loom to get the 7 pin plug for the indicators/lights etc to work on caravan/trailer as they no longer do the plug n play harness connector however since he spliced in now when I get the car to between 65kph and 95kph and just hold steady at either of those speeds or any speed in between she seems to have a slight splutter or surging back and forth which is annoying but as soon as you accelerate it disappears until you maintain any constant speed then it comes back. I was told that on the 03 Camry that you don't need that small computer type box fitting when wiring up a tow bar but can only think that this problem has started since he spliced into the loom. Could it be that it needs the computer fitting to send correct signals to the ecu or could it be from the fitting of the timing belt. Any ideas much appreciated. Gilbo.
  3. Hi Guys Have just purchased a 2003 Toyota Camry Azura which has all leather and wood, looks an absolutely stunning car but the ks are getting slightly up there around 148ks so I am thinking that the timing belt would be near due fro replacement. Called a Toyota dealer near me and they said 1st is due at 150ks then 150 thereafter......does this sound correct ! Have had 3 quotes, 1 @ $1195, 1 @ $981 and 1 from K Mart Tyres @ $912 the 1st 2 are independent garages, all incl new water pump etc also had a quote to do a service on the auto transmission @ $190 do these prices seem to be about right ! I have had Camry,s in the past and all have been good cars with the top one being a Vienta Grande but would I be correct in assuming that the Azura is even more top of the range. Thanks for any help and advice. Gilbo.
  4. Can anyone tell me the best method to beef up/strengthen the rear suspension on my 08 Aurion for towing a caravan of around 1500 ATM. Is there heavier duty springs or can air suspension be fitted and if so what would the cost of the latter be around. Any tips/advice would be great. Gilbo.
  5. Thanks guys for the replies so far. Think I will go with middle of the road and put in 95 so I cant go wrong then hey. Thanks Gilbo
  6. Just bought a 2008 Aurion Touring and it says inside the fuel filler flap that E10 can be used. For some reason I am a little hesitant to use E10 so is it best just to put in normal Unleaded 95. Thanks in advance for any help. Gilbo
  7. Many thanx for the welcomes guys, you all sound a great bunch and will def try to get to one of your meets. Tony
  8. Thanx for the welcome Silver, would be nice to go to a meet if i can find the time lol, nice wheels by the way. Hey mate as you are an advanced member can you tell me how i can place a photo as an avatar on the left of my posts, i have been into control panel and clicked on the avatar section but a message comes up saying i am not allowed or something similar, can you or any members tell me how to rectify the error message. Many Thanks Tony
  9. Hi Guys My name is Tony and i am from Brisbane, 53yrs young and married with 3 grown up kids, just gave away to my son who is also a member on here "Gilzski" my beloved 98 Vienta Grande and bought myself a 2004 Ford Falcon Futura (BIG MISTAKE) far tooooooo heavy on the fuel so its up for sale. So went out and bought a 2004 Toyota Camry Altise 2.4 (As Pictured) 131.000ks Full Toyota Service History and was previously owned by Logan Youth & Community Services so we know its been well looked after and it drives like a new car and very very happy with it. Now i know i have had the Vienta but that was a V6 and this is a 4cyl 2.4 but seems as powerful in some respects but with better economy, can any members let me know a little more about the Camry 2.4 regarding build and reliability......up to now it seems excellent and cannot fault it. Anyways looking forward to being a contributor to the forum. Quick hello to my boy forum member "Gilzski". Tony Auspom