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  1. hey, if you can pm me your number i can MMS the picture to you. and for the exhaust note i can show you in person if anything. thanks
  2. Hi guys ive decided to part out my car. Prices are NEGOTIABLE. Pick up only 2.5" catback to "oval" varex exhaust (have 2 remotes and the module) $510 piston style weighted gear knob: $40 Facelift c-one eyelids : $40 (little crack on one of them) c-one wingtips willing to swap with your oem spoiler $50(must be black) Items are all located in sunshine . give me a message and ill try reply as fast as i can 0431641015
  3. anyone know a good body repairs shop in west melbourne ?

  4. Just got 2 of my front tyres replaced lol and got a front wheel alignment done as well. the tyres were chewed. when i got there my right tyre was flat so lucky me lolol got smaller tyres so gives my front more clearance, that means i can get MORE LOW ahaha hopefully i get better fuel economy since wheel alignment
  5. hey guys, i noticed today that i was getting weird noises from my front wheels , so i checked it and noticed that the inner side on both of my tyres looks like worn out like metal pieces were on it as well ? also my front alignment is out too lol. i was wondering would it be my fronts too low ? or would it be cos my alignment is out. thanks.
  6. check the gear selectors inside the engine bay, cos happened to me then i found out one of the pins fall out of the selector which made it wiggle
  7. wooo water in taillights as well !

  8. due in for a major service(80k), any recommended places to take it in western suburbs?

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    2. fillit


      JAK motorworks, they specialise in toyotas (supras) great quality work, pm for details

    3. jeffy


      ****** JAK motorworks, take to long to deliver a simple part,

      go C & D, closer to west side

    4. Shogun125


      +1 C&D, nice guys and they know their toyotas

  9. i see lots of car parts but WHERES THE CAR PICS
  10. okkk another problem lolll. ever since melbournes horrible cold weather my cat/resonator has been rattling alot lol. Replace ?

    1. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      ask the place u got why its rattling. u sure its the cat/resonator? its two completely different things. maybe its hitting the heat shield. happens only when cold or hot too?

    2. ptagna


      i mean cat or resonator lolll . now its just constant lol. now my pipping after the resonator is constantly vibrating ffs. i should go back to bros exhaust -.-

    3. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      go to highpoint mufflers lol :P

  11. water in headlights ? try dry it out or ...

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    2. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      i thought u did the black headlight surrounds and then they got condensation inside... and no i dont want to do the blacken headlight surrounds with u LAWL :D

    3. ptagna


      haha nope. was thinking of doing it lol had the headlights out and everything but chickened out :(

    4. Kenshin X
  12. ahh i though hp mufflers was good lol :/ where about is "JAKs" tried googling it couldnt find it lol
  13. was thinking of taking it to radiant for my headers but not anymore lol. ill just pay abit more at hp mufflers on the main topic my car backfires alot as well ahaha
  14. just whenever i turn it sometimes. even if its just like a little bit :/