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  1. Just finished rebuilding the 2zz due to a spun bearing. Get back the car excited to drive it again and i get no lift and the car limits at 7000 rpm. Eventually after driving for a while i get a CEL, so i go check it out and it comes up with P1349 VVT Malfunction Bank 1. I did some research and after checking everything we decided to get 2 new Oil Control Valves. We installed them yesterday and reset the ecu. We took the car for a spin and lift engaged but it dipped right before entry. So i did it again and the same thing. By the 3rd time it was back to no lift and limit at 7000 rpm. I though maybe the code was embedded and i needed to clear the CEL. So did that and still no lift. I really dont know what else it could be. The engine was assembled according to the workshop manual and pretty much everything is new including the lift bolts, vvt timing gear and sprocket. The rocker shafts were installed to spec as well. If anyone has an idea please im open to anything. I want to sell the car but who's going to buy a 2zz with no lift. Thanks Scott
  2. Im running Tein SS coilovers (usa model). I like them alot. I opted for those because i live in the caribbean and if anything were to go wrong i could get them fixed in the USA which is closer to me. They also run higher spring rates than the JDM version. JDM is 3kg/mm ft & rear, USA is 6kg/mm ft & rear. They cost me about 1300 us or so. The guys in the USA also believe that Ksport are very good. I always have used Tein but im sure the other brands mentioned above are equally awsome. Heard great things about KW & BC.
  3. I normally start at 36 psi all round and go from there.
  4. Do you remember what part you had to change or modify? Was it that you jus had to use the screws from the existing mount or something?
  5. Hey, i am looking to change my busted driver side engine mount. Will the mount from the matrix xrs/corolla xrs in the u.s. work? I cant get the original JDM mount locally and i checked the part numbers and they are different but the diagrams look identical. What do you think?
  6. That happened to me when my MAF sensor was dirty. Start there and see if it fixes the problem. I clean it every service now that i know better.
  7. Just be careful, that used to happen to me during start up and i ended with a spun rod bearing. I was running synthetic 5-30 which it seems was a bit to light the temperatures in the caribbean even thow thats what toyota say to run. im running 10-40 now after the rebuild to be safe.
  8. Can you tell me what kind of bulbs are used for the park light and the main/beams. Would like to do an upgrade to higher output and change colour to something cooler. Can you tell me what a safe wattage to upgrade to?
  9. Why does the sportivo weigh so much my runx weighs 1140kg? U sure thats correct? Even the fielder wagon is 1180kg and thats the heaviest.
  10. Sorry to hijack the thread. Im running HAWK HPS and i find they are too hard for daily driving. Initial bite is not all that and they are quite spongy. If you do a 180km to zero stop they are awesome but who does that driving everyday. I was looking to back to stock pads but are the ebc yellow stuff or as you talked about the red stuff any good for daily driving?
  11. Yip bled in order. Using dot 4. Dave, will check that out and see. Will check to see if the pedal is hard when car is off and let u know. How do you bleed the abs unit?
  12. So i had my rotors resurfaced and put on new Hawk HPS pads. Bled the system and i find the pedal is soft and spongey so i broke in the pads and continued to see if it would get better but it didnt. So we bled the system twice and still it remains the same. Anyone ever experience this with their zze123, do you have any ideas that we could try to fix this?
  13. Front or rear? Rear sway bar, front strut tower bar.
  14. Been searching everywhere for the captioned and cant seem to find anything that fits. It seems the TRD stuff has been discontinued, can anyone recommend alternatives that i could use for my runx and a supplier?
  15. Need a review on this kit and if all the bushing fit our zze123. Does anyone have a before and after shot of how it looks installed. thanks.