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  1. I am having a very intermittent problem with my 2012 Prius C i-tech At random, maybe once a week in a variety of weather conditions, it will start doing a number of things that go together, namely: 1 - Continues to rev for a second or two each time you take your foot off the accelerator - even after gentle acceleration 2 - Noisy (flat out) battery fan running 3 - Despite a full or near full battery car will not run on battery whilst it is playing up All the above lasts for about 5 to 10 minutes then it comes good again. I have called the dealer but they do not want to look at it UNLESS it is
  2. Yes, but not to such a severe extent, I have the 2012 Prius C with I assume the same GPS and it announces around 1 minute after I start, after the GPS HAS BEEN WORKING that "GPS signal lost" then after around 20 seconds it works well from then on, BUT every time you start again it does the same thing, Toyota refuse to state it is a fault and made not mention of the issues you described, did you end up getting anywhere?
  3. Just traded the Presara for my new Prius C itech yesterday, just covered 100km so far and already loving it! So many details of interest on the multi display, I love the feature where you can enter the lit per 100 of your last car (in this case 10.5 for the Aurion) and then the current price of fuel and the display shows at the end of each trip what you would have spent on the Aurion and what you did spend and the total $ saving. This is a very quiet car if driven sedately. Another great feature is the speed alert linked to the GPS, so far it is very accurate in the number of speed zones I
  4. The dealer has told me my Starlet has a rear seal leak and quoted $600 to fix. Is there a way of checking the gear oil is not getting too low every few months as we don't want to fix the seal at the moment as we just had the CV's done so need to save up.
  5. Just thought I should point out to anyone reading these posts that there are in fact 2 batteries in the smart key. I got mine for $2.95 each at Jaycar on Morphett St in Adelaide
  6. Can sell you V16 for $50.00?


  7. In 'The Castle' like moment, whilst looking for a screwdriver to fix a headrest on backward on my son's VT Commodore after reading about it on the just commodores forum I accidentally found my original map DVD! Went and popped it in, entered the offending address that didn't work with the burnt disc and it worked instantly, noticed the response was much quicker with the orig disc as well! Problem solved, thanks to everyone who made suggestions.
  8. Thanks, that makes sense as yesterday it worked all the way to Kadina and back from Adelaide but as soon as I enter address's near the Reynella area it always plays up so the data relating to that area must be corrupt. I stupidly threw out the old DVD so will now try looking around for one. If anyone reading this wants some $ for their old DVD after they upgrade I would be happy to discuss a price as I rarely seem to need to go to new areas so just need the thing to work reliably.
  9. By the sounds of it the burnt copy is slightly corrupted, and whenever it tries to read this corrupted portion of the data it locks up. Hence why it appear to be a random error. With these dvds I would burn at the slowest speed and have it check the data afterwards. Even so there is still a chance of bad data being written but it's the risk you take by using that method to obtain maps.
  10. Hi, A mate sent me a burn copy of the 2010 DVD for the GPS and it worked fine for about 4 months but just recently it decides to either lock up or state that it cannot read the disc, you then stop and turn the motor off and on again, it resets and all is OK again. Given how it fixes with a 'reboot' I wondered if anyone else has this problem with the factory DVD or if it is just due to the burnt copy?
  11. I ended up finding a really nice 2007 Life with only 132 000km on the clock for $3000 with full log book history. The only weird thing is the sunvisors appear 'hollow' like someone has used them for drug storage or something. Has anyone else had problems with this? I will just pick up a couple at a wrecker but thought it was odd, I have attached a picture of the car.
  12. Yeah those figures virtually exactly match mine. I hit town with around 400km of country driving and ave of around 7.3lit/100 then drove the rest of the tank in the city to around 600km and still got an overall of 8.4lit/100 so was very impressed. My previous car a 2004 V6 Statesman with 150KW of power never did better than 10 lit/100 on country runs
  13. I forgot to add that even after travelling around 3 towns (Murray Bridge, Mannum and Blanchetown)and then driving back to Adelaide, after 380km the economy was 7.2/100K
  14. New country figure, just over a short distance, Stirling in Adelaide Hills to Murray Bridge (is a gradual decline downhill stretch with ups and downs) but at 100kph achieved an amazing 6lit/100
  15. Hi I am a recently converted Toyota man (previously drove mostly Holdens)and am loving my Aurion Presara so I thought I would go with Toyota again for my Daughter. I'm looking at the Starlet and want to pay around $3000 to $3500 for the base 3 door model. Are there any common problem areas that you can suggest I look for when checking out which one to buy? Thanks John

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