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  1. I'm pretty sure the mystery wires are for a power antenae.. Foaley77 - The speakers are all 5.25" (mines a UK import though). The rear speaker is held on with a bolt through the driver (magnet) so you will need a different mount for speakers without. The fronts are a very tight fir as they fit between the power window buttons and the airvent for the rear heat. I've attached a couple of photos to give you an idea..
  2. Yeap, the handle itself is held on with a circlip. To remove the circlip grab a piece of thin cloth such as a chux and work it down between the handle and the plastic washer that you will also see. Move the cloth around until it catches on the surclip and carefully remove it (watch it doesn't spring away). The handle then just slides off. The door skin is just held on with those plasic clips around the bottom. Just pull the skin until they pop out. Once these are out, slide the skin up to remove it (it sits on metal brackets) I've attached a photo (sorry about the size) showing the rear of the skin which will give you an idea of the location of the plastic (yellow in my case) clips.
  3. NormM

    Tarago 1993

    It may help, but try going to ToyoDIYand throw your VIN number in and you'll have access to exploded imgaes of your van. I bit of study should show how the parts are held together (hidden screws etc). In your case select the 'Electrical' subgroup then item 7 from the top group (interior lamp). B)
  4. Just a thought, but you might want to check that the clutch for the radiator fan is working correctly. Start her up, pop the hood and check if the fan is spinning....
  5. Hey mate. I have a 97 Previa GS. So far so good :)
  6. Hi Guys, May seem like a silly question, but how do I edit my Profile? When I click on the 'Edit Profile' button, I get an error about not having permission to edit. If I then send an email to the admin to get help, the email bounces saying it's an invalid email address? Thanks for any help.. Norm