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  1. So, LIGHTS SOLD purchased these headlights a while ago but ended up moving to Sunshine Coast and nowhere to do any DIY :c as far as the springs go, roughly 140'000km's done on them before i upgraded The engine cover has a few light scratches on it and has some small damage to one of the holes which ill try and show Shoot me an offer, im pretty much open to anything. Im situated in the Sunshine Coast (an hour north of Brissy) so pickups welcome, but i can post at buyers expense. Cheers, Dixon
  2. Was browsing through facebook pages when i stumbled upon this little gem. It isn't finished yet as per the article states but for what he's done do far, i love it. Im not the biggest fan of ridiculous camber, but hey im not paying for the rubber so i don't really care haha. http://www.stancenation.com/2013/04/13/a-family-affair-radical-corolla-from-thailand/ Have a scroll through :D Dixon
  3. ive had no problems with police so far and its been nearly 10 months since dropping my car. its just on 110mm at its lowest which is the exhaust, i need to get it tucked because of the ridiculous exhaust shop i went to left it hanging considerably! as you can see
  4. i made this mistake as well. ended up throwing a full set of ebc pads out i got and paid for another set the mechanic had in shop :|
  5. i went with what i knew. 250 is the standard price but you know your buying new items http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOYOTA-COROLLA-ZZE122-123-SEDAN-WAGON-F-R-LOW-30mm-LOWERED-COIL-KING-SPRINGS-/181019645036?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2a259c946c&_uhb=1#ht_868wt_1037 there super easy to install and personally i think super L's would be too low.
  6. dunno handome, but its good to see someone at least has experimented with them. More to the point mitch does your camry have led's around the front grille? I see it all the time out near toogoom and it blinds me at night haha :c
  7. SO, casually browsing the interwebs, reddit becomes boring so naturally i search for corolla parts. I find these and after doing some scanning through the forums here, seems there is no definitive answer for this. Are there any gains to be had through this 4-1 setup? http://www.sparktecmotorsports.com/h10754s.html Im well aware of the proper PPE (etc) headers on offer for the 2ZZ, im just curious if anyone knows any reason why the headers are the price they are. Seems the question was never really answered on the forums here. And for the record i had a custom set fabricated locally here in Hervey Bay (south east qld), this post isnt me window shopping :D Dixon
  8. i turn 21 on the 30th of this month :D
  9. Dixon


    daaaam swap ya wheels! haha that levin is looking mint.
  10. suprisingly thats what all my mates call me! feels weird seeing it online hahacheers luke, its resonates a bit tho, i need to get the cat moved further towards the headers :c also the piping itself needs to be tucked up. you wouldnt believe the job i got given by some local boys :|
  11. Its been over 18 months now owning this car but the last 6 months have been hectic. the rims alone were the biggest screw around. I replaced the gear selector cable which was seemingly more easy to get ahold of. If anyone is second guessing purchasing ruff racing rims? don't. Cheers, Dixon
  12. me and my room mates thought of carbon wrap, but i like the idea of either a blue or white. plus i have no clue where i could get carbon wrap here in hervey bay, just north of brisbane.
  13. hey guys, my clear coat on my front grille as well as my rear wing is shot, in the last 6 months its progressively worsened. i've been quoted by a local spray shop to get the pair done together but im having problems making my mind up. It will be a metallic coat to keep with the rest of the car, but i want to make my car a little special. thoughts are welcome! new colour suggestions, any photoshop pro's are welcome to have a play. these are the blue's i got from bunnings, nowhere else had colour samples to take home.
  14. anyone on here bid on this?
  15. Selling my stock sportivo rims as i just upgraded to aftermarkets :) Two of the wheels have some rash, the remaining two have minimal rash. The owner before me gave two of them a bashing by the looks of it (i'm ocd with gutter rash haha) The rubber on the rims have ALOT of tread remaining. I paid extra for the falkens and ended up buying new wheels altogether a few months later. seems a waste of money on my behalf considering how much rubber is remaining on them, but oh well, that's cars i guess .The tires handle really well in the wet and for anyone looking for a reference they're Falken 195/55r16 87v From memory i paid about 160 each for them. Message me an offer, i live north of brisbane in Hervey Bay. about 3 hours drive :) willing to drive too gympie for any brisbane buyers Dixon