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  1. Gee, I'm surprised you say that Philip, my 2012 Hybrid (same drivetrain) was as quick as my current 2014 210kw V6 Commodore. I'm actually averaging around 9 L/100kms in the Commodore as I mainly do long trips (retired) but miss the 6 l/100 of the Hybrid!
  2. Congrats! I'm not a big fan of the new front, but the back is an improvement. I had a 2010 Hybrid for 2 years and then a 2012 model for 2 years. They are a great combination of performance and economy.
  3. I heard of something similar elsewhere (Product review maybe) Considering how many are about (mainly Taxis) I think this is a fairly rare problem. Being an ex-taxi I'm guessing it has done a big mileage. If it were me, I'd talk to Service Managers at several different Toyota dealers. It seems a bit weird to me that it only happens on the highway although it could be a speed or heat related issue I suppose! Fingers crossed it ends up being something more minor. One last thought. If it is the trans, you could try sourcing one from a wreckers yard maybe?
  4. Hi Clayton, Good to hear. It is amazing what a bit of creative packing does with that relatively small boot. The 2012 model was a lot better in that regard. Have now swapped again to a VF Calais V sedan, but will always have a lot of time for both the 2010 and 2012 series Hybrid Camry!
  5. Hi David, That is interesting! I've recently been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the hips and actually sat in a diesel SanteFe Highlander about a week ago. Was thinking something higher like that in Diesel could be our next car! Back on topic, The H is definitely softer over the bumps and a tiny bit quieter too with the 60 series tyres. I have 45 series on the Calais and a bit harsh at times! The Hybrid sets a pretty high benchmark for quietness (quieter than my Calais)
  6. Thanks for the review, pretty much how I found mine too.. I swapped to a 6 Cylinder Holden Calais V last September after 2 years and about 60,000 kilometres. Only had the H so was nice upgrade for goodies and styling, but always have a soft spot for Hybrids. Great combination of economy and performance!
  7. Hi Geoff, If you had a good drive of a Camry Hybrid (current Model) I think you would be amazed how well they go (definitely not gutless) I have replaced mine in the last 5 months with a Holden Calais V with a 210 KW V6 motor and was surprised that it doesn't really feel measurably quicker than my Hybrid H. I was seduced by the Interior and exterior styling of the V and the extra goodies like heads display. But, I would now rate the two cars about equal and will always remember my Hybrid H fondly. I think the H is better than the HL in a couple of areas, namely nicer ride and a bit quieter due to higher profile tyres. I may very well have another Toyota Hybrid at some time in the future!
  8. Hi, You have posted in the Hybrid Camry Section (by mistake I assume) You are more likely to get a result if you post in the right section (good luck)
  9. I don't know of any cars that do that! Pretty sure my 2012 H won't/can't... Sorry!
  10. That won't help! Tyres are lower profile so that the rolling diameter doesn't change (otherwise the speedometer will be out of whack!) Very unusual to increase ride height in anything but a 4WD offroader, as this usually has a negative affect on handling/roadholding!
  11. Sorry Tran, just found your post! I got it as part of the deal (in negotiations) It is Genuine Toyota. I don't think they are very expensive, I'm guessing around A$200 + maybe A$80 for fitting or pretty easy to fit yourself!
  12. Thanks Coolscan, $220 sounded dear until I realised you have 17" wheels.. I am up to 32.5K now, expect to get another 20 or so out of the Michelins but have made a note of that Tyre for my shortlist. On another Forum I frequent (non Toyota) they give Continental CC5's a big rap too ... Just had a quick look, they don't appear to make a 215/60/R16 in that Yokohama tyre. Maybe a 225/60/R16 would fit without changing the speedo too much?
  13. Can't say I recall that happening when we had a 2010 HYbrid. When the battery gets low in the 2010 series and the 2012 series the petrol engine can sometimes kick in a bit more suddenly and run a bit harder but wouldn't call it a "shudder/shake" ....
  14. That is normal .. It soon settles down. Stop start won't work until the engine reaches normal operating temperature which happens quicker in the Hybrid than in most cars fortunately.. the fuel use soon settles down :-)
  15. Hi Tony, They are still a lovely car. You should really test drive one as everyone's perceptions and expectations are different. Even though I find the ride a bit firmer than our previous 2010 Hybrid it is not a deal breaker for me. I have had 28 cars in around 38 years and every one of them could have been improved in some way (even my favourite ones)
  16. Wow, that is unusual, unless it was stone damage. If it were stone damage though you would expect it to need immediate attention and it wouldn't be a warranty job. Hopefully you can find out more when the job is done. Watch your coolant levels in the meantime of course!
  17. Hi Travis, Welcome to the club.. I'm surprised nobody else has said hi (over 50 people have viewed it) Can't help with your Audio query (although to be honest I haven't done a thorough Google search) They are a great car (we had the 2010 for 2 years and now have a 2012 TCH) Enjoy!
  18. Hi Bill, E10 in Tassie is mainly offered by Liberty and united Garages and last time I checked a few weeks ago it was 95 octane. Not sure if either of these brands are offered in Qld. The Hybrid Camry has a completely different (larger capacity) motor than the Prius and as far as I know there is no need to use anything other than 91 Octane.
  19. That surprises me, although you obviously were a lot more scientific than me. Most of my tanks would have had a bit of a mixture of fuels, which would have skewed the results.
  20. We get 95 RON E10 in Tassie and find NO difference in economy between that and 91 unleaded in either our current 2012 Camry Hybrid H or our previous 2010 Hybrid .. We use 91 unleaded about 85 to 90% of the time though, mainly because I use Woollies shop-a-dockets. No noticeable difference in performance either.
  21. Thanks for the info David, I have noticed also that head winds and the extra rolling resistance caused by wet roads affects economy a bit (and short trips from a cold start of course) Tassie is generally pretty hilly compared to South Australia and most of the Capital Cities. This obviously doesn't help me either. But, like you, I am happy with my 5.7 L/100km. Surprised to find switching back to ECO after a week with it off not too much of a difference power wise. Cheers, Dazz
  22. Hi David, I tried to drive exactly the same as when I have it on. Your comments are interesting (maybe you would get 5.5 or less if you had it on!) ;-) Cheers, Dazz
  23. Some of you may be interested in the result of my experiment with the eco mode button in my 2012 Hybrid H. I turned it off at my last fill about a week ago. I have since done approximately 600 kms of roughly 50/50 highway/city driving (which is similar to my normal usage) The Hybrid's economy the way I drive it, seems to be much the same on the highway as around town anyway. The car definitely feels more responsive with it off. A few times I have unintentionally screeched the tyres when taking off (whoops) and a couple of other times said "Oh S***" to myself at the unexpected acceleration... Anyway, it looks like the extra response costs me between .5 and .6 LPH (so roughly 5 litres per tank full or $7.50 at current prices) 6.3 LPH versus 5.7 LPH The amount of kilometres I do that is up to $300 a year. Being a tight ar*e, I think I'll put eco mode back on.
  24. Hi Chris, I've got some off ebay from the USA (installed but not wired up yet) Looks like you can get them locally now... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-Camry-2012-2013-Front-Bumper-Bar-Spot-Lights-Set-Fog-Lamps-Kit-Hybrid-/130813262701?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&fits=Year%3A2012%7CModel%3ACamry&hash=item1e7513fb6d&_uhb=1 I believe the OEM ones from the dealer are 3 or 4 times this price... Here's my H wit them installed...