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  1. I'd love to hear about it! What's your experience and what did you fork out for it ($)? I ended up going with a BRC vapour system (supposedly the Rolls of vapour conversions) and I did so as the company talked up their reputation, I couldn't find negative feedback on them and the economics worked. Unfortunately, I've had to take it back twice now and they're trying to figure out what's wrong with it still so I currently don't have a car.
  2. I hear ya. I'm hoping I'm not the first to attempt it. I've got some companies saying they've done it several times on Aurion with liquid and with improvements on performance, efficiency then I've got other companies saying there's no value in liquid injection on an Aurion...
  3. Cheers, I did actually but they're quite old threads and all vapour systems. I'm really keen to hear the pro's and con's of liquid injection systems. I've gotten conflicting stories and it's $1000 more to install which I'd rather keep if there's really no difference in performance and efficiency.
  4. So yeah, new member and first time Toyota owner. Loving it so far but finding it hard to get accurate, trustworthy info on LPG conversion.
  5. I've purchased a 2009 Aurion ZR6 recently and intend to convert to LPG. All installers I've spoken to have told me Vapour will see no noticeable, if any, loss of power. Some have told me Liquid injection will improve power (over petrol) and efficiency (over vapour). While others have told me vapour is all I should get because it's proven and liquid is too new?? Has anyone experienced the difference? Interested in wear and tare, power & efficiency. Also, would love to hear recommendations on installers to use. Any advice appreciated! Can't tell who's telling the right story.
  6. Steve

    Welcome to the Toyota forums JWR :)