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  1. pm's replied! thanks! eyelids/tail lids on hold. all other items still available i am negotiable!
  2. will be in a couple of weeks, just sorting out the new weekend car in the next 2 weeks and when i get some time i'll be pulling them out. throw me a price you'd be willing to pay for em.
  3. the powder coating played only a small part in making it very frustrating to fit. the actual height was about 1mm taller on each side compared to stock.
  4. that sound like alot of effort, what did you have to grind? mine fitted perfectly out of the box. and also have stuck well, still holding really well 3 months later.
  5. selling up and going turbo again. will still have the rolla probably for another couple of months while hunt for a new car. the whiteline was an absolute **** to install. took me 2 days of attempting because they were 1mm taller on each side where you slot the bolts into. ever tried bending/flexing 5mm thick steel with basic tools? lol took me a good day to get it on. hardest part was aligning the second bolt hole after aligning the first bolt hole. what a mission!
  6. i never buy genuine gear, massive rip off almost every time.there is always something cheaper and better. the ones i posted fit pretty well, they are moulded correctly and come with some pretty strong 3m tape, no way theyre coming off in a hurry. if your really picky about it the fronts on mine fall about 5mm short of being fully flush at the door's end. i could care less.
  7. funnily enough this topic was dug up, i'm actually selling all my gear, whiteline rear 22mm swaybar and cusco front strut brace.
  8. LOL. you can tell it's a friday with me. everything goes right over my head. haha. good to see i can be of some help to the community. :D
  9. i don't recall removing any photo's i uploaded on here? i remember uploading quite a few to the other wide wheel thread that's floating around here, will have to check out the faq now. can upload more if you want?

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