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  1. Hi, I'm new to this website but its sseems like a very awesome place to ask for advice. So I am on my L's at the moment and will be on my p's by the end of the year, and I'd like to research some possible cars for my p's. I've always been a supra fan and they are great looking cars and quite powerful, though I am not into the whole hooning and racing scene I just like a nice looking car that I can rely on. To be honest I'm quite dumb went it comes to supras but I was wondering is a non turbo supra, preferably from 1994 or newer be a good first car? I'm looking at a price range of 9k-15k, I would like a supra with simple mods, such as a nice kit and slight performance improvements to make driving a little easier. I can driver either manual or auto, I don't plan to race or show off the car by doing stupid things, and I plan to add some sort of sound system into it eventually if it does not already have one. Btw I've been reading the other similar posts and people says hondas are better but I'd really like a supra. Cheers :D Eric
  2. Welcome to the Toyota forums Like duh driving :) :)