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  1. Hello All, Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but search didn't reveal useful info and oil change is coming up.. I just got a 2016 RAV4 2.5 AWD and seeking (preferably practical) experience/advice for what viscosity of engine oil to use. The user manual shows a number of possible 'selections' considering local temperature range till next serivce (Sydney Winter now to probably summer). But there's preference especially among US users for 0W-20 etc... So, what should be used here? I'm near Camden and many mornings are 0C or close. And we know summers can be 40C+ Appreciate any helpful advice - thanks!
  2. Hi Everyone, Thanks for a great site full of info and helpful folks. Just got a 2007 Aurion AT-X and very happy with it. Except.. I just stumbled on the "Oil line" thread and very worried - I'd better go on over there and seek advise from gurus here.. Cheers all!
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