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  1. Richieb

    Grey imports

    Dunno about that, I have one, and it is excellent. Service is easy as, and costs to run are great. The Kanji side is a little confusing, but takes 3 mins to know what is what. Pretty much the same as the Aus one, apart from less luxury in the Aus version. Dealers... Yep, they had no hand full of $$'s, and that is probably it. The import is almost same as the 2001-2003 Aus version really from a drivers side, maybe a little less on the throttle, but thats about it. We love ours... both the NHW10 & NHW11.
  2. Richieb

    Sat Nav

    It just plugs into the MFD, which is the one in the car. No need to change it. Buy, cable it in to the head unit, slap the DVD in, and off ya go.
  3. Did the whole lot on my Prius, but the center dash part just flaked apart in my hands. It was bone dry from the sun at it every day. Watch out for this one. The Audio/AV panel tools work perfectly, unless the panel is a weak one.
  4. A good run, nah. Will last a lot longer than that. Nothing, apart from the HV battery gives in as a rule if serviced correctly. I have a 2001 Prius, ex EPA. Bought with duff batteries at 177377Km's. I changed 12 of the modules, and she runs like a new car. Am looking to get to 400,000kms if possible. Given the engine quality, lack of moving parts to wear out when alll considered, a lot less than a standard car. Easy stuff, 4 days for modules to arrive, $25 each, and done. Fitted Sat Nav, rev camera through sat nav, car Parrot phone system, and cruise control. Next thing is to get the paint pol
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Richieb :)

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