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  1. Hi All, wow I didn’t realise how many people had the same issue. To Toyota I actually use my cars significantly and purchase new vehicles every 2 to 3 years. Since trading my Camry in I have spent in excess of $100,000 on 3 new vehicles (non Toyota). I have never been treated by a motor vehicle company as poorly as Toyota treated me. I’m glad to see that after a lot of fighting you have decided to fix the faulty dashes. I wonder how much money you lost by not being responsive to your clients over this issue. In my view short sightedness Rich34
  2. After taking my car to the Toyota Dealer here in Tweed Heads and they refused to fix it, I traded my Camry in and bought a brand new Holden. I will never purchase another Toyota after this, I usually purchase Hyundai and thought Toyota would be a higher quality vehicle but I was obviously wrong. Toyota seems to be trading on its name I've previously bought 3 Hyundai's brand new and never had a problem like this.
  3. Recently I was cleanning the windscreen of my 07 Camry and by accident found that my thumb nail had gone through the dash, leaving a big deep scar in it. On closer inspection I found that the dash was melting so to speak and was sticky / tacky to touch between the windsreen and the steering wheel. The dash now has become very shiny in appearance where this has happened and the dust is now a permanent fixture of the dash, as it has sunk into the dash. Has anyone else seen this before? I have seen numerous threads overseas about this but nothing in Australia. One should check this when the vehicle is out in the sun and to be careful when cleanning your dash.
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums Rich34 :)