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  1. 07 2wd lux

    Thought I'd share a picture of my sr5 2wd hilux I purchased 3 weeks ago. I've added 19" Kluger wheels and 2" lowering blocks.
  2. Which Rims

  3. Kluger 19" Alloys on an Aurion/Camry

    I picked up a set of pedders adjustable coil overs tonight, they've had about 18 months use and still look new. I payed $500 for all 4 corners of goodness. I'll post some pics in a few weeks once l've fitted and had wheel alignment.
  4. Cold Air Intake for 2012 Aurion?

    Stay with the air box and K&N
  5. Cold Air Intake for 2012 Aurion?

    SRI is only good for induction noise, CAI will have some induction noise and might get you 2 or 3 extra horsepower
  6. Cold Air Intake for 2012 Aurion?

  7. Kluger 19" Alloys on an Aurion/Camry

    In the end 4.5mm was machined off. Alliance Rim Repairs charged me $308 and that included removing and refitting tyres and a balance. Great result with on more rubbing, winning.
  8. 2004 camry acv36r 2azfe mods

    Yes, the Kluger brakes are twin piston calipers.
  9. 2004 camry acv36r 2azfe mods

    I got my Kluger front brakes for $340, that included rotors, pads and calipers. Really easy upgrade to do yourself, but you will need 17" wheels or bigger to fit over the Kluger brakes.
  10. Kluger 19" Alloys on an Aurion/Camry

    I'm getting my Kluger alloys machined tomorrow, I'll be going from a +35 off set to a +39 off set. I'm doing this cos I'm getting a lot of tyre rub (front & rear) when I have some fun with roundabouts. As some will know I'm running super low King springs and Kluger front brake upgrade. Can any one see a problem with this that I might have missed.
  11. Auto dimming mirror

    Auto dimming mirror turn up today from the USA ($95 including post) I'll be installing this weekend. I'll up date this post when I've tried it out.
  12. 07 Camry Melting Dash

    I had my dash replace two months ago at the cost of $334.00, bit ***** off that people are now getting free replacements.
  13. Replacing the supercharger seal

    Toyota Australia is really giving Toyota a bad name, they didn't want to replace faulty Aurion and Camry dashes at the start and now they want TRD owners to buy new super chargers over one gasket.....WTF !!!
  14. Hazards flash when using indicator stalk

    Check if the plug in the back of the hazard button is pushed in all the way.
  15. Auto dimming mirror

    I had a look today but I found nothing, thinking I might need to pull some more trim parts off as I can't get my hand in there with out damaging the roof lining. If I don't find the three wires I guess I can power from the sun roof controls. Thanks for the help.