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  1. Hi All, Any advice please? After 8.5 months, I pick up my storm black manual 86 GTS next week. Yah! My (rules following) Toyota dealer says they are not allowed to install the reversing camera on the 86 as it is not on the official 86 accessories list, even though it will fit and work. Note that other Toyota dealers are willing to install all sorts of Toyota but non-86 accessories ie wireless tyre monitoring / illuminating floor lights etc. Subaru have more accessories for the BRZ and are going to install a few non-branded ones on my 86 but won't do the reversing camera as the BRZ sat nav / entertainment system is different and they are not sure about compatibility. Does anyone know if the BRZ reversing camera is compatible with the 86 system? Or otherwise I'll find a Toyota dealer willing to install a (Camry) reversing camera on my 86. And why does a Camry have the option for wireless tyre monitoring and not the 86 - ha ha ha Thanks!
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    Fog Lights

    Fog lights turn off automatically when you turn the headlights on. No choice. You can choose whether or not to have the fog lights on while driving low beam.
  3. Hi All, I'm on a waiting list for a GTS, manual, black storm. Ordered October, touted February, now looking May. Drove a friend's GTS today which they have had for two months. Obviously the car is friggin awesome and I can't wait for mine but here are two issues I learnt. My friend mentioned that they have had their car looked at a few times now for a clicking sound which turns out to be related to poor fuel quality. Service department advised her to use only 98 octane and only BP. The cars are struggling with 95 even though 95 is listed as entry level ok. Apparently there is a fix being worked on to avoid the issue for both new cars and already sold. It's not so easy to get 98 or a BP outside of metro areas. Anyone have any more or better information? My friend mentioned that the Service department said that they are still learning about the 86 themselves. I guess a bit of scrambling will be going on for a while to build up knowledge and expertise. Also, some clunkyness and issues related to the sat nav etc are well documented but one mega pain in the butt was that even though the GPS was turned off and audio muted, the sat nav lady voice would not shut up. Every new speed zone, she let me know and what is worse is that most of her speed alerts were wrong. System seems to treat every local street as a 50 zone, even though more main roads are 60 and while I was driving down the M1 which is 100 and 110, sometimes she was advising that the speed was 60 which was the parallel local street on the otherside of the acoustic wall. There probably is a way to shut her up but it wasn't easy to work out, and we didn't work it out. The sat nav manual is thicker than the entire car manual and I am not looking forward to setting it up but fingers crossed the alerts can be muted without muting the stereo and that the system isn't as horribly unintuitive as reported. The US Scion has a Pioneer system and extra speakers standard. I thought I knew everything about this car but one new feature I saw today is that when you open and shut the doors, once the door is shut, the windows auto down an inch and straight back up to reset the air pressure. In the Australian 86 there is a blank button at top right of dash. This is for relevant markets to switch between mph and kmph. Also, to the right of the dash light dimming wheel, there is a space. In the Australian BRZ and international 86, this is a headlight angle wheel. Not sure why the Australian 86 has opted out. Three cool finds... extra charger in glove box up high... can access air filters through glove box for replacing... boot release available from inside the boot. Have spoken to a few different Toyota dealers about what accessories from other models can be added to the 86. Suprisingly of all models, the 86 cannot get the wireless tyre monitoring. One dealer said the lock nuts can be added but another one said they couldn't. But both dealers said the blue floor lighting from the Camry can be added. Apart from the cameras and parking sensors, are there any other Toyota accesories from other models available or worth getting on the 86? Keen to know too if there is an 86 Club in Brisbane ie for convoy road trips etc? Thanks! :-)
  4. I'm Phil, 35, 86 GTS manual black storm on order...
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