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  1. Hey mate, actually about to list the car up for sale (due to family reasons not cause I hate the car lol). I still love the caldina but my family has expanded and so it’s not suitable for me anymore. I would suggest contacting ‘bodykit caldina’ on Facebook to see if he makes just the insert up the top, I already sold mine and just have the bottom bumper left. I’m not sure which model you have too but the facelifted models won’t fit the pre-facelift and vice-versa
  2. Thanks mates, still got more to come. Next up is some headlight mods :)
  3. So I got time yesterday after work to install the foglights and trim pieces to complete the bumper. While I was there, I decided to replace the faded grille meshing that came with the bumper and install some brand new black mesh. Results make it look so much better:
  4. So got time to tint the Foglights today. Not the best but first time I have tinted anything before. And I finally found the mounting kit for the replacement TRD badge for the front bumper, I thought the screws were lost during the move but luckily I found them!
  5. Yesterday I finally got a chance to remove my stock bumper and install the TRD bumper. It looks way better than the stock one and also isn't cracked like the stock one is. Stock: The car looks sort of sad without a front bumper lol: The bumper just after unwrapping from the "Genuine Kia Parts" bubble wrap. First mount but no mounting screws installed: Screws installed and number plates installed: And finally, the final product:
  6. Well have moved into the new place now, got most of the stuff in just a few more bits of furniture and the garage to transfer across now. Caldina is also back and bumper has been painted. Haven't gotten it out of the bubble wrap yet lol.
  7. A tip for when translating stuff from Japanese to English, use Google Chrome as it auto-translates most pages. Makes life so much easier. Ask me how I know, everything for my car has to come from Japan ;P
  8. Even IF they tried to void your warranty they would still have to prove that the device caused whatever issue it was. For instance, you install tuning chip and then the AC compressor goes. They have to prove that the chip tune damaged the compressor (which it wouldn't). But, if you installed tune then blew a headgasket, they could argue the extra heat killed it.
  9. By Sydney I meant Port Kembla lol, I live in Gymea so Port Kembla and the City are like same time to get to haha. At least you guys with the new cars don't have much waiting once it hits the country, my car took a month to get here then another month waiting for all the import/compliance paperwork to be filled and then a further month for the actual compliance plate to be sent to the workshop and rego done. Worst bit was knowing it was sitting in a workshop not being able to be driven haha.
  10. Ah I remember the fun tracking game when my car was coming in from Japan. The only ship that came directly from Japan - Sydney for me didn't have my car on it lol, mine went from Japan - Brisbane - Port Kembla for whatever reason. I am not sure why but my car sat in Brisbane (Possibly on a ship) for two days haha.
  11. I'd be keen to meet up somtime, not sure when though on account of the kids haha.
  12. Have migrated what I can be bothered across to Flikr. Not gonna do everything but made the thread make sense...
  13. photobucket has destroyed everythread with removing third party hosting. And thanks KAA, hopefully should have some progress on the new bumper soon.
  14. Well it has been almost a year since I updated here lol. Car is sitting like this: I haven't done much to the car itself in the last year, but I have been collecting a few parts including a TRD front bumper which should be getting installed in the next month or so. My partner and I also have had twins (not the turbo variety) and are moving from the Sutherland Shire to Macquarie Fields next week lol. Once the TRD bumper is installed I have some more plans to make the front end look a but more aggressive but that will be a surprise until it is done :)
  15. Update: Car was diagnosed with an electrical fault causing Voltage drop to both the starter motor and ECU during crank. ECU PSU has been rewired, new relay and fuse also installed. A new battery cable was run to the starter also. The BOV was also incorrectly installed so that was fixed up and the battery and starter motor have been diagnosed as damaged. Car hesitated to start this morning on initial crank, but then started second crank. I am putting this down to damaged starter and battery for now until I get both replaced. Boost is coming on better now and holding better

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