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  1. As I travel on dirt quite a bit, I get ingress from dust. It is pretty bad so I know I need to adjust the doors. The rear one is fairly easy to do except I notice the stops on the side are not matching (perhaps indicate rear end damage at some time). Not sure which side is correctly adjusted. The side door rolls beautifully so I don't want to alter the slide. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Hi Trent, Thanks for your reply. I had another hiace that did the same thing. I assumed it was something they all did. Can anyone confirm this? Shirl
  3. 1993 Hiace When turning full lock, front steering "knocks". Is this a fix or something to live with?
  4. Replaced rear wheel bearings and now all fixed. Glad that is done now to the front bearings, I suppose should be done. When turning full lock, front steering "knocks". Is this a fix or something to live with? Thanks for reading
  5. The rack ends supposedly have play but then someone else said they don't. The suspension bushes crack when wheel turned to full lock. I believe lots do this. It is more of a "whoop whoop whoop" at low speed and increases as accelerating. I am now thinking it is rear wheel bearing. Any suggestions for "backyard mechanic" repair would be appreciated. I know there are lots of home theories. Thanks for the interest.
  6. Hi, No luck but had wheels rotated. See how it goes. Shirl
  7. Hi Hiro, Thanks that is most comprehensive. I appreciate your effort. Shirl
  8. Hi Trentmeyer23, Yes I have and they are unavailable in hardcover. Ebay has those horrible CD copies that are never what they say they are. Fingers crossed someone has one they don't need. Shirl
  9. Hi. No it is behind drivers seat and I have a guess. Maybe it is to hold a fire extinguisher on floor behind driver's seat. Shirl
  10. Hi Tried everywhere to get a manual for my 1993 Hiace. I have little mechanical experience so would love to read up. Some help would be appreciated. I am willing to pay or barter. Thanks Shirl
  11. Hi, I get an occasional tapping noise when driving. Maybe from drivers side rear wheel when turning left. Perhaps the weight is bearing down causing this. Only 168k on clock. Getting wheel rotation today so will ask them to check but I won't hold my breath for an answer. About to cross Nullabor solo so don't want to breakdown. Thanks for your advice. Shirl
  12. I have seen model numbers like H102 H103. What difference is this? I have a LWB 1993 2rz Hiace. What model is this? See you on the road. Shirl
  13. Hi, Excuse my ignorance! What is the thingy behind the drivers seat? It is a rubber ring held in place by three hooks and is over the battery storage area. Sure I will look stupid but hey! gotta ask! Thanks Campergirl
  14. Hi there, Has anyone installed an aftermarket front floor console in their Hiace? I have the older centre fold down middle seat without cup holders. I have an idea for an upgrade to install cup holders using PVC pipe. Has anyone done anything like this or has any other suggestions? Thanks for your interest. Shirley Campergirl
  15. Hi, New member living in Adelaide Hills. I am looking for any info regarding Hiace customising and care. I have a 93 Hiace poptop with only 131000km on clock. Safari fitout in almost as new condition. Looking forward to meeting likeminded Toyota fans. Will upload some photos soon. Shirley

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