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  1. Hi Fabio, Thank you very much for your help, Yeah I have tried what you said (zooming back to 100/200/400 etc) but it didn't seem to fix the problem, I can see some more street names appear but most of them are still hidden. For example, basically all streets in my neighborhood (including my house') are not showing, I have tried most of the settings but it also doesn't help :-( Did anyone have the same problem? Luke.
  2. Hi guys, I own a Kluger Grande which I had driven for about 90.000KM already. I frequently use its built-in GPS to navigate around. I think I have the 14 Map DVD. I don't know what happen but the streets' names suddenly disappear. Only freeways and main streets' names are currently showing on the screen; other small streets' names in my neighborhood are not showing as they used to (Although I have tried to zoom in). How do I enable the the names again? I hope you guys could help me with this cause I have tried to play with all the buttons there but it doesn't help. Thank you very much! Luke. P/S: My Nav System looks like this one: