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  1. Found it. if anyone is looking for it
  2. hey guys, i just got the new Kluger (highlander in NZ). this is the top of the range, Limited ZR. looking for information on how to program your key so that when i unlock car with my key; the seats and side mirrors are adjusted based on the seat being programmed previously. this is to avoid pressing the seat positions memory and having the seat preposition-ed when i unlock the car(oh well atleast in the process of it) i couldn't find much information on the owners manual. maybe i didnt look hard enough.
  3. i wonder if something like this would fit aurion Presara 2008?
  4. wow, toyota NZ quoted me $868 + GST....for a mirror....!!!!
  5. unfortunately, i do not have the manual to check which fuse exactly. but, on the CC, there is a small phillips screw, opening that gave way to a small switch. it seems others have reported issues with this switch and how the copper inside it gets bent. so after a little fiddling around this, i tried the CC and i could see the light in the dash cluster turn on. closed it all backup and thought to take it for a spin to test it, but as soon as i hit the road and tried to turn it on....well nothing came out of it. it does seem like the switch is faulty.however, the switch is a very simple one, when the circuit completes,it gets on i guess. i wonder if i have blown the fuse after playing around with it. located the fuse box under the passenger dash, but not sure which is for CC. i didnt see any label that would indicate its for CC. which label would i be looking for?
  6. Cruise Control on my 2008 Aurion Presarra not working. bought it second hand, and never used it until last weekend. anyone has any ideas on where to start troubleshooting?
  7. Thanks, the guys who repaired it obviously did a poor job...placed in all the at-x parts.... hard to find an OEM rear-view mirror... if someone does come across one...let me know...
  8. i have a 2008 Presara (grande here in NZ) and seems like the previous owner had an accident at somepoint and decided to replace the parts with the at-x model. the rear-view mirror that i have is a standard one. does it come with the automatic antiglare mirror described here? if so, where can i get one...have been searching high and low, but very limited information available. started off with looking at Blue_bug's pics on this forum:
  9. Just got them today and will take it out for a ride tonight to see how the lights are working in dark situations. Won't face too much difficulties as it's all city driving. Will post some pictures later Doesnt look too bad...and the light is actually bright enough but then again i drive city roads mostly. it does not compare the OEM lights especially high beam....but the low beam is pretty impressive. also, i just got the stock halogen bulbs that come with the lights. i am now going to order HID Xeon bulbs and they should make things better...
  10. Yeah it does sound pretty i will see how it goes since they are already on the the worst case, i should be able to sell them off here...
  11. thanks for your reply. i have purchased the headlights already so i will see how it goes. i mostly drive in the city roads so hopefully it wont be too much of an issue... if in case it is, i guess i can upgrade to better bulb? in which case, would you have any recommendations?
  12. looking for a GPS antenna for the above model... wonder if any would fit and work...the connectors seems the be the same...
  13. Hi w5tsde i am assuming you have a presara HU. Where is the location of the GPS? is it behind the HU? i have a Presara and it seems to be missing the GPS antenna. I am way off the map when i try to use the GPS. tried the troubleshooting guide ( start engine press and hold info button on HU turn headlight on turn headlight off turn headlight on turn headlight off turn headlight on turn headlight off goto menu and look at GPS information-somthing like that) ) i see all setalites has a - in the status column which means i am not able to locate any one of them...i am thinking i am missing a GPS antenna. will be taking the HU out tomorrow to see whats going on... would be good to get some tips by the experts...
  14. Yeah i tried getting in touch with Luke but seems he is offline... :( hoping he replys soon. another member has the genuine lights and hopefully i can get them sorted with Luke as i cant drive at night... cant believe NZ has so limited choices when it comes it custom lights for the Aurion....
  15. They might quote cheaper but not sure if i should go for originals or just upgrade. if i do upgrade, what are your thoughts on the quality of Mars Performance Lights, and would i need anything more to go with it?
  16. Hi Guys, first post here. Im from NZ and its a bit hard to get information for Aurion here. i have a Grande (presara) 2008. the guy i bought it from previously seemed to have an accident at some point and replaced the Presara model lights (HID) with the at-x lights. he had some loose connection and now one of the lights has melted the housing so needs replacement for the whole thing. Toyota quoted me 998.00 for one at-x model headlight, and 1800.00 for one Presara model headlight. if a choose to go Presara i need to get both replaced that means 3600.00 plus labour cost. i found these after-market lights and wonder how much work would i need to get them installed. they are really expensive but way cheaper than what Toyota quoted me. i see a lot of helpful topics here and hoping to get some good advice on the items i am about to buy. it would be a pain if i get it to NZ and they dont fit properly or i find out that i need something additional to get them working.