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  1. Rubber grommet found in cabin after dealer service

    Not too sure but looks like a blanking plug. Get in touch with the stealership so at least they know about it sooner than later. My 2c
  2. FZJ105 Engine issues

    Hi Alan, Any joy? I have this same engine in my 80 series. So far 450,000klm no issues but you never know.
  3. 2016 Landcruiser 200 GXL missing essentials

    Lift your game Toyota. Even my work Triton has these controls!
  4. VSC engine warning lights !

    Thanks Trent, Grabbed a Bosch scan tool from work and plugged it in. Showed a P0172 and 175 reading in Bank 1 and bank 2. cleared the codes and took it for a brief run and seems to be running well now with no warning lights. I'll give it another week or so and see how it goes. Cheers, Andrew.
  5. VSC engine warning lights !

    Hi Guys, My wifes Kluger has just started to do this as well. We had the front struts replaced about a week before which could be a coincidence or not. She said the lights came on after going over some rough roadworks, but the car behaved the same as it always does. But now it's starting to run a little bit rough and blowing black smoke. Any ideas? thanks, Andrew
  6. Hj47 Engine problem

    How did you go?
  7. 1994 80 series weight limit?

    For whats it's worth I have a 96 Petrol 80 and my legal towing weight is 2500kgs.
  8. 80 series petrol gutless?

    Your brakes may be dragging.
  9. Untitled Album

  10. Hi All, Just joined. Looking forward to some chit chat. Been a member of quite a few forums. Always found them really useful and fun. I have an '84 HJ47 whch I'm fixing up ATM for my son to learn to drive in. He would rather a HJ75 or later but that can wait. Wife has a late model Kluger. Will post some pics later. Cheers, Andrew