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  1. Hi Akhan, PDF attached Jim mkpdf.pdf
  2. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for the help, really appreciated, best wishes, Jim
  3. Hi, Great work; very interested where I am able to purchase them and the wiring info. Many thanks, Jim
  4. Hi Norm, Thanks so much, got the instructions ok. They are a little different to what I find in the "A" Pillar in my vehicle. My vehicle's connector has a lot more wires in it than the ones in the diagram, although the colours mentioned do exist in the connector. My only dilemma is that the Pink wire appears twice in my connector and I am unsure of which one to connect to. The wires are also in a different place to the ones in the diagram, Oh well, thanks so much for your efforts, I shall investigate further, may be, possibly for a later issue of the instructions around late 2012. Best wishes Jim
  5. Hi Norm, Thanks again, I am wondering if my instructions maybe a different version to yours. Would it be possible for you to email a copy of the instructions that you have to me? This would be really appreciated and I can further check the connectors. The connector in my instructions shows and mentions a "10 Way" connector, however at this location in my vehicle it is at least a 20 way connector. Many thanks for your efforts in helping me, Jim
  6. HI Norm, Thanks for the reply, yes my kit is fine and all the parts are there; I do have the instructions for the installations. The issue that I have is connecting the kit up to the existing wire loom in the vehicle. The connector inside the "A" Pillar is different to the diagram in the installation instructions. There are many wires into a 20 way plug, some colours duplicated. I was wondering if yourself or others had this issue and which colours to connect too during the installation. Thanks for your offer of help as I am a little bewildered. Jim
  7. Hi All, I have finally installed my Foot Well illumination kit into a 2012 Aurion ZR6. I am wondering if some kind person can help with a query on the wiring? The A pillar connection block has been located, but when I match up the instructions to the wires in the vehicle, they are very different; also the connector is different in size. Maybe someone has had this issue and figured out the wiring in the A pillar. Many thanks for any help Jim
  8. Hi, I am wondering if anyboody is able to help me with a similar query. My intention was the same, to add the map reading lights to the rear passengers seat area. The vehicle is a standard 2012 Aurion ZR6 without a Sunroof. Would anyone know if the mounting hardware for the lights is installed above the headlining as standard so that the lights are able to be fitted. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Jim
  9. Hi Dion, Awesome, thank you so much, really appreciated. I shall give it a go. Best wishes Jim
  10. Hi All, Great to be part of the Forum. Hoping some kind person would be able to help me with the Aurion Footwell Illumination Kit installation instructions. This would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Jim
  11. Hi, I am wondering if some kind person could send me the instructions for the fitting of this Foot Well illumination kit. I have purchased one of these and also bewildered on how to fit it as I have no instructions at all. I am in New Zealand and purchased this whilst in Australia. There are no instructions that I am able to find in this country. Any help from the forum would be really and greatly appreciated. Thanks to all Jim