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  1. Hi, If you still haven't got it, try 320 ....that is the universal Toyota default pin for all their head units (no matter what the model is). Cheers, John.
  2. Hi Ben, If you are still looking for these, I have a set of 4 17" x 7" 5x100 brand new Toyota wheels from a 2012 Prius available. Photos below. PM me if you want more details. I live in Brisbane. Cheers, John.
  3. Great news, Arnold!! Now for the next 300,000 km. No joke......there are many Prius taxis around that have done well over 400,000 km without any major problems. Also, Toyota do recycle the HV batteries from Hybrids when they need replacing (although that isn't very often.....Toyota have only ever replaced 3 HV batteries since Prius was first sold in OZ). Cheers, John Prius Club of Qld.
  4. If anyone is interested, I have just posted a very low KM (49,500) EL 54 Paseo for sale. Full details and photos in the Cars For Sale section of the forums. Cheers, Priusbits.
  5. All Prius owners (or those interested) are welcome to visit and sign in to the Prius Club of Qld's website at http://www.priusclubqld.org. We cater for all things Prius, including group buys on imported Prius accessories not available here. Cheers, John (Priusbits).

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