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  1. Front LED Bar

    Finally have all the gear to fit my front LED Bar. Toyota would not sell me the dash switch so had to wait for eBay delivery. Only have to figure out how to get through firewall. YouTube video suggested nest to steering column try and squeeze past grommet. Or maybe just drill hole and silicon. Failing which just hook it into high beam.
  2. Adjust rear hand brakes

    Thank you campbeam and trentmeyer 23 I shall give that a go. Why they had to change something that worked so well is a mystery.
  3. Adjust rear hand brakes

    Hi all, Well after working on various cars since the early sixties I am officially stumped. I have the manual and have Googled and all I can find is: Remove rear wheels Remove rubber plug on drum Turn hole to six o'clock Insert screwdriver and turn wheel to adjust. Big problem is that no matter where I place the hole I cannot locate the little sprocket wheel. So any assistance gladly accepted. Reason being foot pedal goes all the way to floor and brake does not hold. Drums turn very freely by hand, so logic says that the shoes need to be moved closer to drum.
  4. LED Spot Lights

    Hi rad000, Great video, I did not realize it would that easy and never thought of the bar I was going to just drill holes on the little flat bit above the number pale. Your way is far better and removable later if needs be. Only change I will investigate is a switch on the dash. Thanks for sharing.
  5. LED Spot Lights

    Hi Cal77. Had some medical issues so have put this project off for now. But not sure I am confident enough to do it, while I was comfortable with all my old (pre computer) cars, I am hesitant to fiddle with modern car wiring. My son pot a third party radio in his 2004 Polo and completely stuffed the engine immobilizer. Will research and study a bit before attempting it.
  6. LED Spot Lights

    Well finally sorted the autolock problem. Thanks for the advice. As I live in a rural area I am thinking of fitting 12inch 120W Spot Flood LED Lights. Any one done this? If so how easy/difficult is it to do? Do you need special wiring etc.
  7. Utomatic Door Lock Disable?

    Thank You Tidywazza the links made everything a lot clearer. Will try them and let you know how I got on.
  8. Utomatic Door Lock Disable?

    Thank you Tidywazza. Doors automatically lock as soon as I put it in any gear. I have a key entry with no touch screen. 2014 Toyota Camry Altise. The manual that comes with the car is a bit unclear as to what changes are made and I do not want to do it wrong. Living in a small rural community the nearest dealer is a 2.5 hour return trip, however looks like I will have to do it.
  9. Utomatic Door Lock Disable?

    Would anybody know how to disable the automatic door locking 2014 Camry Altise? I can understand the need for this in the city, however in the small rural community I live in, it is a nuisance. I frequently have to drop someone off without putting car into Park, just stop at kerb etc. so it is annoying when they try to open the locked door.
  10. New To 2014 Camry Altise 2.5Ltr

    Hi all, Had my used Camry for a few months now. Great little car. Previously owned a Corrolla (KE55) 1980 brought from new and put 105000klms before re-ringing motor, sorry to see it finally replaced. Just a couple of observations that I would like some comments on: Automatic gear changes can be a bit funny first thing when cold. Can be -15 in mornings, I let it idle for a minute or two before driving off. First start up the engine seems to really rev for a couple of seconds before settling down. Kick back to power up to overtake can be funny either too many gears down or hesitation before kicking back. Could be the way I drive or something I need to look at. 59900 klms on clock. Warranty book shows all services down at due time.
  11. Neewbie

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. Am enjoying my Camry, taking a while to get used to a 2.5ltr after a 3.8ltr. The dealership finally managed to find the warranty/service book so that problem has been solved.
  12. Neewbie

    Thank You KAA, I tried to register on the official Toyota site as it apparently lets you see the service info on your car. I could not finalize the process, so I am waiting for a response from their tech team. Hopefully I can get all the info I need.
  13. Neewbie

    Thank you Trentmeyer23. Just noticed that while the owners manual was in the car, the service log was not. Can anyone point me in the right direction to obtain one. Dealership cannot locate it. I think there is still some warranty I might have so would like to ensure I service it correctly.
  14. Neewbie

    Hi, Name is Steve. I just purchased a 2014 Camry Altise 2.5ltr. 56903klm. I previously had a 1980 Corolla KE55 1300, purchased new, traded for 1988 Renault after 15 years. Have had Mitsubishi's until now. So far nice car with no problems.